Splash Screen Revival: Web Design Trend Showcase

Back in the day, splash screens were a popular addition to websites. They were a frontal page that was displayed before the user accessed the main site, which typically featured a sparse layout incorporating just the website’s logo and guidance about which browsers and monitor resolutions were supported.

Today we’re seeing a revival of the splash screen, although they’re much more visitor friendly than their ancestors. Modern examples of splash screens are built right into the main page, filling the screen with eye catching imagery but still only containing a logo or statement as the main piece of content. They act as a welcoming message to set the scene and entice the user before presenting them with the rest of the page.

Check out these beautiful websites that follow this latest splash screen trend. Let us know in the comments below, which one is your favorite!


This is the presentation website of a company that sells a unique selection of laboratory furniture, tables, and other work stations.

Labcase Splash Screen


This is an extremely minimalist website design that makes perfect use of white space. The splash screen consists of just the logo.

MOHAMEDALI Splash Screen


This is the presentation website of The Twelve creative studio. It has a dynamic splash screen with a video background.

TWLVR Splash Screen

Schmoll Creative

Schmoll Creative is a group of creatives working together to provide affordable graphic design, brand development, logo design, UI/UX, & web design. This is their presentation website.

Schmoll Creative - Splash Screens design


Artsy is the online resource for art collecting and education. This is their 2013 subdomain for a specific campaign.

Artsy Splash Screens design


This is the portfolio website of a creative digital agency, specialized in custom WordPress website design, website development, branding, and social.

Creative Digital Agency In Tampa Splash Screens design

Garrison Footwear

This is the website of a UK based footwear design and source company from concept to delivery for branded footwear.

Garrison Footwear Splash Screens design

Die Möbelhauerei

This is a German website for a company specialized in furniture design. The splash screen consists of the logo overlayed on an image.

Die Möbelhauerei Splash Screens design

Failsworth 1903

This company is committed to the design, development, sourcing, merchandising and supply of high-quality headwear and accessories at competitive prices and their website design illustrates just that.

Failsworth 1903 Splash Screens design

Sharyn Cairns

Sharyn is a commercial photography business in Australia, with a portfolio spanning interiors, food, travel, and lifestyle.

Sharyn Cairns Splash Screens design


This is the presentation website of a design studio based in Paris. Their splash screen is a high-quality image with a blue overlay and the logo in the middle.

Fresh Studio Splash Screens design


This is the website of an award winning digital branding agency. It has a dark design with an interactive video background on the splash page.

Pollen London Splash Screens design

Sailing Collective

This is the presentation website for some sailing vacation specialists that organize one-week private and group book-by-the-cabin sailing journeys.

Sailing Collective Splash Screens websites


This is the presentation website of a clothing label based in Amsterdam. It has a divided splash screen with large images.

OLAF HUSSEIN Splash Screens websites


This is a cool presentation website of a digital creative agency focused on web experiences and advertising campaigns.

Elespacio - Digital creative agency Splash Screens websites

Heck House

. This is the portfolio of Bethany Heck, a designer of many types and creative lead. It has a modern website design with some vintage touches.

Heck House Splash Screens websites

Niche Agency, LLC

This is the presentation website of an agency that was created by Mike Montes to help local businesses grow their marketing strategies. It has a simple yet effective splash screen design.

Niche agency Splash Screens websites

Robert Vinluan

This is the portfolio of a design/technology student at Parsons in NYC. Check it out! It has cool animations in the background.

Robert Vinluan Splash Screens websites

Ash Edmondson

This is another portfolio design that uses a splash screen. This belongs to an award winning freelance web designer and front-end developer.

Freelance Web Designer Splash Screens websites

Bacchica Barbearia

This is a responsive one-page design for a barbershop featuring a vintage style modern CSS effects.

Bacchica Barbearia Splash Screens websites

Shizuku Ramen

This is the presentation website of the most exciting Japanese restaurant in Melbourne. Its splash screen is minimalist and has a cool, dark, moving background.

Shizuku Ramen Splash Screens websites

The Gilder

The Gilder was founded in 1991 with a focus on providing a high quality framing service to artists, art galleries and art collectors. This is their awesome presentation website with a splash homepage.

The Gilder Splash Screens websites

Jamie Delaney

This is a simple portfolio website of Jamie Delaney. It has a color block splash screen we love.

Jamie Delaney Splash Screens websites

High Tide

Check out this website design to see how awesome this teal-overlayed, video splash screen looks like!

High Tide Splash Screens websites

Let’s Wander

We love this beautiful and peaceful splash screen! It is simple, minimalist and very visual-effective!

Let's Wander Splash Screens websites

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