Showcase of Web Designs with Modern Splash Pages

In the early days of the web, designers made use of splash pages to introduce a website with a logo, a short description, and crucial supported browser information. We no longer dictate to our users which browsers they’re permitted to use, but splash pages are still fairly prominent in modern web design.

As layouts have expanded to take up the full screen, many sites now display just a logo or tagline to their users until they scroll to see the rest of the content. In today’s web design showcase, we round up 30 websites that make use of the modern splash pages. See how they reinforce their brand or introduce the company before taking the user to the main content.


Playtika captivates audiences with beautifully produced, highly immersive social games. Their bright red presentation website starts with a simple splash screen.

Playtika modern splash pages

Cultivated Wit

This is the presentation website of a creative agency/software company/storytelling company. It starts with a splash screen which consists only of the logo on a white background.

Cultivated Wit modern splash pages

Urban Influence

This is another great example of a modern splash screen. It uses large, uppercase fonts and rounded CTA buttons to deliver the information right from the start.

Urban Influence modern splash pages


Here’s another cool splash page with a flat colored background and a simple, straightforward tagline.

MetaLab modern splash pages


This company’s logo is beautiful, so why not showcase it on a splash screen with a mesmerizing background?

Maaemo modern splash pages


Simple and straight to the point, this is how this company decided to deliver its message on the splash page.

Logicart splash pages

Heck House

This splash screen has a somewhat vintage-inspired design, due to the font choice and desaturated photo background.

Heck House splash pages


Combined with an animated/video background, you can create a really interactive and eye-catching splash page for your website, like in this example!

Apparatus splash page

Oven Bits

The visitor should know what your site is about right from the first seconds! This website delivers its message loud and clear!

Oven Bits splash page

Echo Capital Group

This company’s tagline is written in bold on the homepage, followed by a subtle CTA link to find out more.

Echo Capital Group splash page

Cobble Hill

This is a great example on how to use video backgrounds on splash pages, alongside a block of text.

Cobble Hill splash page design


Large, high quality photos, bold, uppercase fonts, subtle CTA buttons, all on a flat, blue background. These are the main characteristics of this splash page.


Melanie Daveid

Check out this beautiful, animated splash screen with a dark background and red color accents. Inspiring!

Melanie Daveid splash page design


This is a simple splash page for a digital studio. It has a dark background with some circular color accents and a bright orange gradient button.

Digital Studio


This is another great example of combining video backgrounds with large fonts to construct a perfect splash page for a website.

BORN splash page design


Just the logo. This is all that you need to create a beautiful, minimalist splash screen for a website.

CoLofts splash page design

Make it perfect

The logo and tagline on a beautiful, high-quality image, this is the recipe for having a successful, engaging and inspiring splash screen.

Private parties

The Ordinary

This restaurant’s logo is truly beautiful so it deserved to be showcased properly. That is why the designer decided to use a splash page as the homepage of this site.

The Ordinary splash page design

nGen Works

Simple! The customer will understand from the start what to expect when he/she visits this website.

nGen Works splash page design

Ape Unit

Black and white with red accents, this is a method we have seen before for creating awesome, simple splash screens.

Ape Unit splash page design

Into the Vineyard

This splash page describes the website’s purpose in just three words, followed by a simple call to action button.

Into the Vineyard splash page design

The Brooklyn Bridge

The font pairing choice, as well as the background, make this splash page really beautiful and creatively designed.

The Brooklyn Bridge splash page design

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