Web-Drawing Throwdown: Paper.js Vs. Processing.js Vs. Raphael

Before drawing anything in a browser, ask yourself three questions: Do you need to support older browsers? If the answer is yes, then your only choice is Raphaël. It handles browsers all the way back to IE 7 and Firefox 3. Raphaël even has some support for IE 6, although some of its underlying technology cannot be implemented there. Do you need to support Android? Android doesn’t support SVG, so y... »

How to create a Magento 2 extension

What we’re going to build To demonstrate how to create a Magento 2 extension, we are going to build a HelloWorld module, which is going to have some basic functionality, covering as many development aspects as possible in this case. This Magento 2 extension is going to have a model with undefined data, which will be stored in the database. And we’ll display the values on the product page. What’s m... »

Magento 2 Theme – Create Sample Custom Theme in M2

Here are the methods that you’re going to comply with this Magento 2 theme – Create sample Custom Theme in M2: Create functional folder and file Theme settings Check your Magento 2 theme There may have a few problems with update & creating theme in Magento 2. To prevent all of that, I would like to show you a complete step-to-step tutorial with how to deal with Magento 2 theme. In this post, I... »

The 10 Most Common Mistakes That WordPress Developers Make

We are only human, and one of the traits of being a human is that we make mistakes. On the other hand, we are also self-correcting, meaning we tend to learn from our mistakes and hopefully are thereby able to avoid making the same ones twice. A lot of the mistakes I have made in the WordPress realm originate from trying to save time when implementing solutions. However, these would typically rear ... »

Install Composer on CentOS/Redhat

This article explains how to install Composer on a CentOS and Redhat system. curl -sS | php You should get something like this in return. Note that i have an old version of PHP on this system so it warns me about it: [[email protected] ~]# cd ~ [[email protected] ~]# curl -sS | php #!/usr/bin/env php Some settings on your machine may cause st... »

Top 15 Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes 2016

1 – TopShop TopShop is no simple shop theme, but can also introduce your visitors to the company behind the store. The shop area is fully equipped with all important features. Header, background, and colors are customizable. Created by: Kaira License: Free for personal and commercial purposes | GNU General Public License Prepared for Translations: yes Demo: TopShop Demo Download on WordPress »

Magento 2 install extension using command line or manual installation

I. MAGENTO 2 INSTALL EXTENSION As you may know, there are two most popular ways of installing magento 2 extension. The first one is to use COMMAND LINE and the send one is to install manually. Option 1: Magento 2 install extension using COMMAND LINE (Recommended) Your magento 2 extensions can be installed in a few minutes by going through these following steps Step 1: Download/purchase the extensi... »

D3js visualization with AngularJS

D3js is the javascript library for manipulating document based on data. D3 stands for Data-Driven Documents. D3 will help us to create great visualization of graphs, charts etc. with the help of SVG , CSS and HTMLDOM manipulations. In this tutorial will see that how we can use D3js in AngularJS application. just by adding script library to your HTML file D3 is available globally. but here we are u... »

Processing.js vs P5.js – What’s The Difference?

A couple of days ago, P5.js was released into the wild. It’s a JavaScript library for visual programming that follows the Processing doctrine. As per this post: Processing is an environment/programming language that is meant to make visual, interactive applications extremely easy to write. It can be used for everything from teaching children how to code to visualizing scientific data. It’s the lan... »

How to install Apache mod_ssl

mod_ssl is an Apache module that provides SSL v2/v3 and TLS v1 support for the Apache HTTP Server.  See the mod_ssl documentation(link is external) for more information. How to install the Apache mod_ssl module Run the mod_ssl install command yum install mod_ssl »

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