Typography in UI Design and How to Choose the Proper Font

Once the main structure is done, designers ought to take care of typography. Employing excellent typography in UI design serves to clarify app’s structure and hierarchy. There are even such apps where the entire interface consists of typography. For the novice designers among you, we composed a list of basic factors which can affect typography. To start with, functional design is highly dependent ... »

20 Convincing Call to Action Examples To Learn From

Today’s article includes an excellent hand-picked collection of 20 best CTAs examples to learn from. These call-to-actions can be found throughout any website in various forms.  They require a specific action from the users which then redirects them to the desired path. CTAs can be in the shape of buttons, forms, links, and other UX elements. It’s important to have successful CTA eleme... »

20 Best JavaScript Notification Plugins

There are many situations when you need to display a certain notification message on a website, so why not do it with style? We’ve rounded up 20 best JavaScript notification plugins which you can use in your web projects. Some of these may include notifications for download alerts, errors, and various dialog boxes. These have specific designs, animations and even sounds that will get your at... »

Useful Tools and Tips for Your UI/UX Design Tasks

What UI and UX Tools Do for You Good tools can’t, by themselves, produce outstanding UI and UX attributes in a website. To achieve those objectives requires the web designer’s understanding of what the UI and UX entities consist of, and how each needs to be addressed. Although they work closely together, they are not one and the same. UI design techniques for example, are quite different than thos... »

Showcase: 20 Soft Pastel Websites

Pastel websites are perfect for feminine businesses and blogs. If you’re looking for inspiration, this article contains 20 stunning examples of professional elegant websites with outstanding designs and pastel color palettes.  Choosing the right color palette is crucial, especially for websites. If you don’t like the design of a web page and if the colors don’t inspire you, you w... »

20 Websites With Brilliant Use of Negative Space

Today’s article focuses on 20 websites with brilliant use of negative space. Learn how to use the power of negative space in web design, to create minimalist websites and emphasize the key elements of a design.  Let’s take a minute and explain what negative space in web design really means. So, what exactly is considered negative space? Often associated with white space, the negative s... »

Floating Action Buttons: 20 Free Animations for Web Developers

A floating action button is a beautifully animated web element that helps you expand your website’s functionality without overcrowding your UI design. Floating action buttons are generally used to promote and offer a quick access to the most popular CTA on your site. You can trigger them by simply clicking on the specific button. This enables its animations and it will display the specific f... »

Date Pickers | 20 Javascript Libraries You Can Use

Looking for some amazing date pickers designs? Well, look no further! This article gathers some excellent Javascript libraries that you can download and use right away. Date pickers resemble a calendar’s design although they have a different functionality. These elements come in handy when you need to select a certain date from a calendar or from a specific time range. They sometimes have a ... »

Creating User Flow Maps – 20 Excellent Examples

For creating successful websites, you should consider beginning the website design process with planning the user flow maps. It’s imperative that you create various scenarios of what your users might do and where they will navigate when they enter your website. A detailed analysis will help you know exactly how to position your content in order to make your website as functional as possible.... »

20 Scroll Animation Plugins You Must Start Using

Keep your website up to date by using these outstanding scroll animation plugins which follow the web design trends of 2017. Make your website interactive by using various animation effects that trigger when you scroll.  This article contains 20 scroll animation plugins you can start using in your current or upcoming web projects.  These effects will definitely make your website more appealing and... »

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