20 Image Hover CSS Snippets: Designer Cheat List

The trends are always changing and keeping your website up to date with the latest features is a never ending task. CSS formatting helps you rapidly customize your website, allowing you to instantly add certain features to multiple code lines. This is a real time-saver and it will improve your site’s performance. Even though, CSS may be a breeze once you get a hang of it, starting out and le... »

20 Traditional Drawing Tutorials to Learn Drawing Techniques

Hand-drawn sketches are not what they used to be. Nowadays, the digital design is more used than traditional drawing techniques. However, the sketched designs tend to have more appeal to the public, thanks to their unique character. If you want to develop your traditional drawing skills, this collection of useful tutorials will guide you through all the steps necessary for creating stunning artwor... »

20 Graphic Design Jobs Gone Terribly Wrong

Every designer wants their work to be perfect, but there are some situations when the designs may turn to be faulty, awkward, and ultimately funny. Mistakes can sometimes occur when you least expect them to. Whether it’s a shape that you didn’t notice that looks weird, a font that creates an illusion and transmits a different message than it’s supposed to, or simply placing the d... »

20 Free Calendar Templates for Print and Digital

If you are looking for printable, free calendar templates with spectacular designs, look no further! We gathered here 20 free calendar templates that you can use for both print and digital projects! This is a hand-picked collection of wonderful calendar templates that you can download and use for free. Select your favorites and use them just as they are or customize them to fit your style. These w... »

100 Brochure Designs & Templates That Speak to Customers

Showcase your work like a professional by using these amazing multipurpose brochure designs as inspiration! Browse through 100 hand-picked, creative brochure designs and get inspired! Some of these brochure designs are just for inspiration, while others also come with fully customizable templates that you can download! Their layouts are customizable and you can easily add your information to the d... »

100 Tips for Adobe Creative Tools to Optimize Your Workflow

Adobe offers a large variety of creative tools that can help you tremendously in the design process, whether you’re a web designer or more focused on creating prints, illustrations, and even movies! In this article, we looked for the best 100 tips for Adobe Creative Tools that will help you optimize your workflow and become better at your job. These can be real time-savers and will definitel... »

20 Beautiful Free Mandala Vectors

Here’s a magnificent collection of 20 beautiful, free mandala vectors. These high-quality items can be downloaded and used for free in both print or digital projects. You can choose between lots of unique mandala designs, with amazing details. These items have various color and shape variations and are easy to customize. You can use them to create logos, labels, badges, posters, cards, backg... »

How Editing Images Could Make Your Brand Stand Out

You know the importance of having the type of visual content that will really speak to your audience. Great visual content can do more than simply attract attention however. The right choice of images can make your brand stand out; whether it is a company brand, or that of a personal blog. Authenticity – Clients often supply their own images; but when it comes to a building a personal website or b... »

20 Awesome Free Isometric Vectors

If you’re an illustrator or simply a graphic designer who’s looking for some inspiration and freebies with an isometric style, this post is for you! In this article, you will find lots of high-quality, free isometric vectors with beautiful and unique designs and the best part is that you can download and use for free! Below, you will find free isometric vectors of social media, workspa... »

20 Tutorials for Building Web Apps

As a web designer, there is always something new to be learned in order to keep up with the latest trends. Web apps have gained an increased popularity in the past few years, and more and more designers and web developers have developed a keen interest in them. If you want to learn more about web apps and teach yourself how to build them, this list is for you! Here you have 20 tutorials for buildi... »

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