14 Top Notch Multipurpose WordPress Themes To Buy

If you need a versatile website template for your next project, you’re likely to find what will best suit your needs in this list of multipurpose themes. Multipurpose themes have the flexibility most web designers look for. Especially those who typically serve a diverse clientele. There are instances when purchasing a specialty theme makes good sense. Specialty themes often have useful features yo... »

20 Bright Colorful Websites for Your Inspiration

Looking to build vibrant, colorful websites with eye-catching designs? Then, this is a perfect article for you! We’ve rounded up an excellent collection of 20 bright, colorful websites for your inspiration. These beautiful websites and templates have creative designs that will definitely keep your users engaged. The websites from this article use strong colors which stand out, emphasizing th... »

20 Creative Modal Window Opt-ins Designs

Modal windows are notification windows that display multipurpose content such as subscription forms, discounts, offers etc. Some may refuse the idea of using modal windows in web design, since it may be considered an inconvenient by the users, given the fact that a popup window appears on top of the content and it will not disappear until it’s manually closed. However, there are plenty of si... »

20 Free Product Feature Icons Sets

There are lots of amazing icons on the web that are available for download and some are even free for both personal and commercial purposes. To make things easier for you, we selected here 20 best product feature icons sets which you can use on both web and app design projects.  These product feature icons can be used for eCommerce websites, portfolios, services and even niche businesses. These ha... »

Ghost Buttons: 20 Awesome Examples of an Emerging Web Design Trend

Ghost buttons are amazing UI elements that have been increasing in popularity over the years. These are basically action buttons with transparent designs and are often bordered with a thin line that creates a simple shape, rectangular, circle,  square, etc. Ghost buttons have lightweight designs. Also, they tend to be in contrast with other elements, with the main purpose to draw attention to them... »

20 Best Adobe XD Tutorials

The Adobe software company has offered over time exceptional design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and many others. Adobe XD is another excellent platform that you can use, and these Adobe XD tutorials will show you exactly how.  Adobe XD or Adobe Experience Design CC is a similar platform to Sketch, thus allowing you to build various prototypes for web design or applications. ... »

20 Awesome Animated Infographics with Interactive Designs

There’s a continuously increasing demand for animated infographics with cutting edge designs. If you are a graphic/web designer trying to figure out how to get the information noticed in an infographic and keeping the viewers engaged, this list is what you need!  All of the animated infographics from this article have interactive designs that can be viewed perfectly from any device. Their an... »

20 Best Graphic Editors and Logo Design Tools

In this article, you’ll find some of the best graphic editors and logo design tools available. These top-notch graphic editors & tools will assist you in creating eye-catching designs. They include lots of features that will ease the design process. Editors come in handy for tasks such as simple photo retouching, removing something from an image, and even create extraordinary artworks wi... »

20 Best Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins + AdBlock Messages

Nowadays there is an increasing number of users who have an ad blocking software installed on their computer. Considering the fact that multiple websites use ads to promote their business, the internet has become overcrowded with annoying advertisements. That’s why some users install various types of adblocking programs that will ensure a somewhat ad-free online experience. However, since yo... »

Typography in UI Design and How to Choose the Proper Font

Once the main structure is done, designers ought to take care of typography. Employing excellent typography in UI design serves to clarify app’s structure and hierarchy. There are even such apps where the entire interface consists of typography. For the novice designers among you, we composed a list of basic factors which can affect typography. To start with, functional design is highly dependent ... »

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