Why and When to Redesign Your Website?

In this evolving and competitive market, every business to be at the top of their game for making a significant profit to sustain operation. In order to do so, having an online presence is as important as having a good product, as one can’t sell a good product without promoting it. Even though physical marketing and word of mouth do play a vital role, online presence is quite an essential factor. ... »

How to Automatically Change WordPress SALT Keys

Recently one of our readers asked if it was possible to automatically change WordPress SALT keys? WordPress security authentication or SALT keys are the encrypted code that secure your login information. One way to enhance your WordPress security is by automatically changing your SALT keys. In this article, we will show you how to automatically change WordPress SALT keys without any code. What are... »

25 Restaurant Website Templates for Cafes, Bistros and Restaurants

Nowadays, having a website is an essential step in promoting your business and attracting new customers, regardless of the niche. When we’re talking about restaurants, this aspect becomes even more important. A lot of people will check out the restaurant’s website before going to eat there, so that’s why having a stunning, fully functional website and a strong online presence is ... »

How to Set, Get, and Delete WordPress Cookies (like a Pro)

Do you want to learn how to use cookies on your WordPress site? Cookies are a useful tool to store temporary information in user’s browser and then use this information to enhance user experience through personalization and behavioral targeting. In this ultimate guide, we will show you how to set, get, and delete WordPress cookies like a pro. Note: This is an advanced tutorial. It requires y... »

How to Use Handwritten Typography in Website Design

Website typography is a new form of art. Using typography well helps to create an atmosphere for a website and gives identity to a brand. Using fonts well shows viewers that they have come to the right place. When a designer blends fonts well and creates a harmonious feel for a site, the brand comes together. This encourages viewers to explore further. Traditional fonts safe for web such as Arial ... »

8 Best Productivity Apps of 2018 to Improve Your Workflow

“Work smarter, not harder” is a phrase you’ve probably heard many times before. It’s also a truism whether your goal is to increase productivity or simply to make life a little easier. Working smarter is easier said than done unless of course, you have the right tools to make it happen. The right tools, in this case, are productivity apps. They can help you with your project management tasks and d... »

How to Restore the Get Shortlink Button in WordPress

Do you want to create a shortlink of your WordPress blog posts or pages? WordPress shortlinks are useful for sharing in your emails, facebook messages, or even text messages. It was a default feature until WordPress version 4.4. Recently, one of our readers asked how to bring back the get shortlink feature in WordPress. In this tutorial, we will share how to restore the get shortlink button in Wor... »

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

Do you want to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel? Having a subscribe button on your blog makes it easy for your visitors to find your videos and subscribe to your channel. In this article, we will show you how to add a YouTube subscribe button in WordPress. Method 1: Manually Adding YouTube Subscribe Button Code The first thing you need to do is visit the YouTube subscribe button page o... »

25 FREE Church WordPress Themes for Zero Cost Religious Sites

Nowadays, having a beautiful and fully functional website is a must, regardless of the niche you’re working in. And we all know that hiring a programmer to create everything from start to finish requires a lot of money and premium WordPress themes aren’t that cheap either. But what if I told you that there’s actually a very good, no-cost alternative to this? You can find great fr... »

25 WordPress Child Themes You Should Install

WordPress is one of the best and most used CMS platforms out there. More and more people start using it and the reasons are pretty clear – it’s super easy to create a website and even add additional files, posts and pages afterward and it comes with lots of features and themes that will help you create any kind of website in the world. Because of this ever-growing popularity, more and ... »

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