Free Photoshop actions – Vintage photo filters

13. Cross-processing ATN

Free Photoshop actions: Cross-processing ATN

Cross-processing is a traditional photographic technique involving deliberate processing of one type of film in a chemical solution intended for another, resulting in oddly skewed colours and increased contrast and saturation. This free Photoshop action gives you a way to recreate the effect digitally, and is available free for personal use.

14. Cross processed

Free Photoshop actions: Cross Processed

This one adds drama and vivid colour effects to your images by deepening shadows and making colours more saturated. It’s especially good for stormy skies, landscapes, buildings and ocean scenes.

15. Color 024

Free Photoshop actions: Color 024

Digital pictures are crisp and precise, but sometimes they can lack that nostalgic glow of a film photograph. By downloading this free action, you can adjust the colour saturation and create rich, sun-bleached photos that still retain a high level of detail.

16. 2-strip Technicolor

Free Photoshop actions: 2-Strip tecnicolor

Recreate the look of 2-strip Technicolor film by downloading this free action. Popular in the 20s and 30s, 2-strip technicolor film exposed black and white film behind a green filter and a red filter. By merging the green and blue channels in different layers, this action simulates the 2-strip look without damaging the original image.

17. Vintage light leaks

Free Photoshop actions Vintage Light Leaks

This handy selection of light leaks has been created using gradients, making it very flexible for adding non-destructive vintage effects to your images. The free version includes five high-quality leaks, all featuring support for 16-bit colour so you can achieve brighter-than-white highlights, and they also work with video!

18. Hard lomo action

Free Photoshop actions Hard Lomo Action

Deviant Art is a great place to find Photoshop actions, as this example from BlackLaceStock demonstrates. Included here is a set of actions that add a classic lomo-look to your images, akin to running an instagram effect.

19. RetroFilters

Free Photoshop actions RetroFilters

Chris Spooner is well known for his excellent Photoshop tutorials and giveaways, and he doesn’t disappoint with this new selection of 10 free retro-style Photoshop actions. Each of the effects is inspired by 35mm film and processing techniques, and includes some lovely gritty options as well as colour treatments.

20. Polanoid generator

Free Photoshop actions: Polanoid Generator 3

Turn any image into a Polaroid instantly with one of 10 different effects. Includes colour treatments and shadows automatically, and it’s one of those Photoshop actions you’ll use again and again.

21. The mini collection

Featuring some impressive retro Photoshop actions, plus a kit of light leaks and some vintage Photoshop brushes, the Mini Collection from FilterGrade is a free taster of its larger FilterGrade Bundle.

22. Old photo action

Free Photoshop actions: old photo action

Want to make your images look like they’ve through a time warp? Then get experimenting with this old photo action, which adds colour and contrast.

23. Portrait action

Free Photoshop actions: portrait action

Desaturate the colour in your photography with this portrait action, which creates a gorgeous vintage effect.

24. Split toning action

Free Photoshop actions: split toning action

The area between greyscale and colour is split toning and adding this slight change to your photos can have a dramatic effect. You can also create retro and abstract images with this technique.

25. Amatorka action

Free Photoshop actions: Amatorka action 2

Create an instant action-movie-style colour treatment with a blue-green cast, rich saturation and increased contrast.

26. Vintage collection

If you’re after a vintage effect for your photography but you’re not entirely sure what, nab this collection from DeviantArt user Yeonseb. It contains 14 assorted vintage actions, so you’re bound to find somethng to your liking.

27. Thinking of you

Free Photoshop actions: Thinking of you

This is another stylized photographic treatment that adds a filmic, green-cast and heavily saturated shadows effect. The end result feels both blockbuster-movie-like, and very fashion orientated.

28. Unspoken

Free Photoshop actions: Unspoken

This simple action creates a beautiful blockbuster-film look, heightening details in your photographs and increasing contrast, while introducing a blue/green tint.

29. Vintage neon

This simple filter give your photos a tinted, washed-out look with an extra neon touch that’ll turn lowlights into colourful highlights.

30. HipstaRev

Free Photoshop actions: HipstaRev pack 1

This set of actions creates Hipstamatic-style images inside Photoshop. The download includes three actions, each of which creates a recognisable treatment including borders and noise.

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