Free Photoshop actions – Special effects

43. 3D map

Free Photoshop actions 3D Map

A brilliant action that converts a flat vector map into an isometric 3D map mockup. There are three different styles of map available: sand, ice and grass, and the action also allows you to drop in your choice of buildings, trees, landscape elements and signs.

44. Pencil draw

Free Photoshop actions: pencil draw

This action uses contrast to find the edges in your image and automatically render a pencil sketch effect. Start from a full-colour image with no need to convert to black and white first.

45. Stickers n tape

Free Photoshop actions: stickers n tape

Create round stickers with a curl in the corner, or polaroid-style images with clear sticky tape holding it in place. Site requires free registration to download action.

46. 1930s glitter text

Free Photoshop actions: 1930s glitter text

Automatically convert your text into a snazzy 1930s-style retro treatment with shiny sequins and a nice 3D effect. It’s also easy to adjust after running the action as all the layers are retained.

47. Stamp generator

Free Photoshop actions: stamp generator

Turn an image into a stamp automatically using an included Photoshop brush to define how the frill will sit along the edge of the final artwork.

48. Denim and leather

Free Photoshop actions: denim and leather

Automatically generates a blue denim texture, ‘sews’ on a leather patch and embosses your own artwork onto the leather. Nice, simple and effective output that could be adapted for a variety of purposes.

49. Spotlight

Make the focal point of an image really stand out with this action from Christopher Fowler, which will train a virtual spotlight on your picture.

50. Paper fold

Free Photoshop actions: paper fold

Automatically render your artwork onto a trifold paper design in pseudo-3D, complete with shadows and shading on the image. Ideal for rendering paper designs ahead of presenting them on-screen to clients.

51. Long shadow

free photoshop actions

This free Photoshop action allows you to create a long shadow from your text content, and you can tweak the shadow’s opacity.

52. Triptych generator

free photoshop actions

Generate standard 3x triptych panels for print, with a 3D effect visual triptych generator also available. Print sizes include 1000x600mm, 1300×800, 1600×1000 with 50mm depth @ 288dpi.

53. Action 3D

Free Photoshop actions: Action 3D

This quirky action from JonasFan93 creates a pseudo 3D anaglyphic image by separating out colour channels within your image and offsetting them. This freebie offers a number of different styles that are more suitable for use in printed brochures and website design where you’re aiming for a stylized effect.

54. Outer space

Free Photoshop actions: outer space

Create an outer space background automatically complete with space dust and nebulous gases. Randomly colours the scene to produce a different effect every time.

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