Free Photoshop actions – Monochrome photo filters

31. Infrared photography

Free Photoshop actions: InfraRed Photography

Add the eerie touch of a cool infrared chill to your pictures with this free Photoshop action. This action creates two adjustment layers inside a layer group, allowing you to change the red and blue adjustments, as well as the contrast.

32. High key

Free Photoshop actions: High key

This action requires a credit if you use it, but offers a very simple way to convert a regular photograph into a stunning high-key portrait with clean lines and an almost dreamy finish, without compromising essential areas of contrast.

33. Lithprint

Free Photoshop actions: Lithprint

Create a lithograph-style image from your raw photos. This works best on larger images that have already been given a medium-contrast treatment.

34. Gum bichromate print

Free Photoshop actions: gum bichromatic print

Emulate 19th Century gum bichromate prints with this straightforward action that produces beautiful textured effects.

35. Art of decay

Free Photoshop actions: Art of Decay

This excellent free action creates a simple heavily-aged photo effect.

36. Black and white

Free Photoshop actions: Black and White

This action adds a punchy high-contrast black and white effect to your photographs. It produces a nice grittiness with heavy grain and over-saturated blacks. Great for creating a stylized image.

37. Dramatic sepia

Free Photoshop actions: Dramatic Sepia

This superb action offers a slightly more refined version of the standard sepia effect by adding a contrast curve to age the final result so that it feels like a faded photograph. Dramatic Sepia offers a great way to communicate a sense of age.

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