Roundup: 20 Awesome Photoshop Tutorials on Phlearn

  Here is a very valuable selection of 20 free Photoshop tutorials on Phlearn you should check out. These tutorials demonstrate some neat tricks that are useful for both experienced and beginner designers. Adobe Photoshop is a very popular image editing software that gives you all the tool you need to create professional photos. By knowing many tricks you will facilitate the design process an... »

17 Best Free Shopify Themes + 23 Extra Themes for Inspiration!

In today’s article, we are going to round up the best free Shopify themes available in the Shopify theme store. Shopify allows you to quickly and easily create an eCommerce website or online store. Both premium and free Shopify themes come built in with all the features you need, such as credit card processing and a very powerful back-end. While there are many free Shopify themes, Shopify itself i... »

Top 9 Animation Libraries to Use in 2016

The modern web is rife with amazing, eyeball-capturing motion. Today web developers use a wide array of techniques to engage, entertain, inform and direct their visitors and animation helps us in achieving that goal. A decade ago developers typically employed Adobe Flash to add interactivity to their sites, but with the rapid development of HTML5, CSS3 and a myriad JavaScript libraries, Flash has ... »

30+ Responsive Free AngularJS Admin Themes

AngularJS is a popular javascript framework to create web applications. It is an open source framework that addresses some of the challenges of single page web applications. Regardless of the size of the application, the browser is going to load a single page. Additional contents will be loaded into the application as they needed. Some way this is going to be faster since the site only loads the c... »

20+ Best Dashboard Frameworks

An excellent list of useful dashboard frameworks to help you build sophisticated live visual dashboards for your needs. The dashboard is a visual indicator of particular aspects or a business process. Live visual dashboards are a graphical display it consist of charts, maps and graphic symbols. A visual dashboard visualises the actual data from an external source. It helps you to evaluate informat... »

How To Create Web Animations With Paper.js

The Web is just starting to use animation well. For years, animated GIFs and Flash ruled. Text moved and flashed, but it was never seamless. Animations had boxes around them like YouTube videos. HTML5 canvas changes everything about Web animation. The canvas element makes it possible to integrate drawings and animations with the rest of your page. You can combine them with text and make animations... »

Web-Drawing Throwdown: Paper.js Vs. Processing.js Vs. Raphael

Before drawing anything in a browser, ask yourself three questions: Do you need to support older browsers? If the answer is yes, then your only choice is Raphaël. It handles browsers all the way back to IE 7 and Firefox 3. Raphaël even has some support for IE 6, although some of its underlying technology cannot be implemented there. Do you need to support Android? Android doesn’t support SVG, so y... »

D3js visualization with AngularJS

D3js is the javascript library for manipulating document based on data. D3 stands for Data-Driven Documents. D3 will help us to create great visualization of graphs, charts etc. with the help of SVG , CSS and HTMLDOM manipulations. In this tutorial will see that how we can use D3js in AngularJS application. just by adding script library to your HTML file D3 is available globally. but here we are u... »

Processing.js vs P5.js – What’s The Difference?

A couple of days ago, P5.js was released into the wild. It’s a JavaScript library for visual programming that follows the Processing doctrine. As per this post: Processing is an environment/programming language that is meant to make visual, interactive applications extremely easy to write. It can be used for everything from teaching children how to code to visualizing scientific data. It’s the lan... »

How to install Apache mod_ssl

mod_ssl is an Apache module that provides SSL v2/v3 and TLS v1 support for the Apache HTTP Server.  See the mod_ssl documentation(link is external) for more information. How to install the Apache mod_ssl module Run the mod_ssl install command yum install mod_ssl »

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