20 Excellent Web Design Feedback Tools

Take a look at these 20 excellent web design feedback tools that were specifically created to enrich user experience and make your products better. Improve the performance of your web design projects by listening to the users. You can use these smart web design testing tools for web pages, wireframes, sketches, mockups, or just about any other type of design. You can use these web design feedback ... »

20 Incredibly Talented Illustrators You Should Follow

Check out this wonderful collection of 20 incredibly talented illustrators you should follow. Be prepared to be amazed by these professional illustrations with unique designs that will blow your mind! Here you will find different types of illustrations that were created using several techniques such as digital coloring, drawings, watercolor, brush strokes, etc. These are very creative designs that... »

20 Sketch Tutorials for Beginner Designers

Sketch is an excellent design software that gives you all the tools you need to create beautiful artworks. It has some amazing features that you can use to save time in your design process and to ease your workflow. This is an amazing collection of free Sketch tutorials for beginners. These will introduce you to everything you need to know to start designing with Sketch. By following them, you wil... »

20 Awesome Free Hipster Fonts

  If you want to be up to date with the latest trends take a look at this neat set of 20 awesome free hipster fonts that you can use for both printed and digital projects. Fonts are an important part of any design project and choosing the right one is crucial, as it can make or break your work. To make things easier for you, we searched the web for some awesome, free hipster fonts that you ca... »

40 Festive Brochure Templates

  Here is a nice collection of 40 festive brochure templates that you can use for the holiday season. Download and use all of these beautifully designed items and use them to promote various holiday events such as Christmas plays, musicals, pageants, banquets, and more. They can also be used to promote businesses or to inform the public about Christmas sales and deals. The brochures are avail... »

Color Theory 101: The Basics

  From the first known color used in art, red ochre, found in prehistoric cave paintings, to the gambit of paints available at your local craft store, color has always had its place in the world of art and design. In design, we use color to add emphasis, evoke emotion, and communicate meaning. The subject of color is very broad and there are actually many theories about how color works and it... »

40 Best Christmas Templates | Newsletters / Websites / Brochures / Flyers

  The holiday season is always a busy time for designers. Designing graphics for Christmas sales, creating Christmas presentations, newsletters, landing pages, brochures, flyers and even Christmas cards can be very time consuming to make from scratch. That’s when Christmas templates like these come in handy!  We decided to gather here in this large roundup, some of the best Christmas template... »

20 Winter-Themed Infographic Templates

  Winter is here! Take a look at these 20 winter-themed infographic templates that you can use for both digital and printed projects. You can choose between various file formats: PSD, AI, JPG, etc. to make your job easier. All the infographic templates contain fully customizable vector elements that can be edited to fit your needs. You can change the color, resize each item as you want, chang... »

20 Free Texture Photoshop Tutorials

  Textures are amazing items that can be easily added to give a different look to your pictures. You will learn how to manage different textures and create beautiful designs that will definitely attract the viewer’s attention. Sometimes it can be better if you can create your own textures rather than using pre-made ones. That way you can let your creativity thrive and create unique artwork. &... »

Elements and Principles of Design Everyone Should Know

  Knowing the key basics of design will help you to create better, more aesthetically pleasing works of art. When creating a design, there are both elements and principles to pay attention to. Knowing both pieces of the puzzle and how to successfully incorporate them into your designs will help you to create more beautiful pieces.   Design Elements Elements are the different pieces that ... »

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