Brand Boards: 20 Inspiring Design Examples

Behind every thriving business stands a brand design that’s easy to remember. Brand boards are very useful to keep you focused on the image you want to build for a company and maintain the unity of the brand.

Brand boards are particularly useful for showcasing your branding design to your client. A brand board gathers all the branding elements in once place, such as logo, business card design, packaging design, letterhead design, as well as color palette, images, typography, and patterns. This way you can quickly evaluate your brand design’s strengths and correct what needs to be modified.

We gathered here 20 brand boards with inspiring designs. Get inspired!

This Coffee Branding Concept Creates Simplicity Through Color-Coded System

This is an amazing brand board that showcases the creativity of the designer. Beautiful packaging design combined with amazing typography and a color-coded system to recognize each flavor.

Coffee Branding Concept

Tea Time Tale Branding and Packaging by Arya Vijayan

This is another wonderful brand board that includes many elements that show the unity of the company’s brand.

Tea Time Tale Branding and Packaging Brand Board

Blooma Floral Studio by Lizzy Cantu on Behance

This is another lovely example of a brand board where you can see a couple of branded products. The colors are stunning and the designs are well-thought, simple but effective.

Blooma Floral Studio Brand Board


This is a very creative branding projects that you can see beautifully displayed in this brand board. The fonts and colors are delightfully chosen for an eye-catching design.



Here are some products from the branding department, lovely showcased on this brand board. Get inspired by this item and start creating your own designs.

BARRO BLUE Brand Board

New Branding + A Free Brand Board Template

Check out this brand board and use what you learn to create your own projects. You also have instructions on how to use it properly.

New Branding + A Free Brand Board Template

Rebranding | Brand Board + Website

This is a rebranding project. See how the designer started the process and also the final result. This info will surely come in handy in your future projects.

Brand Board + Website

House + Hanger Brand Board

Check out this stunning brand board and see how the designer used the fonts, colors, patterns, icons, to keep the unity of the brand design.

House + Hanger Brand Board

New Work For Loveleaf Co

Here is a neat brand strategy that the designer used to build this creative brand. Here is a part of the brand board where you can see some of the concept designs.

New Work Brand Board

Augusta Salon Logo | Branding Tease Hair Salon

Here is a section of the concept design for a hair salon. The combination between rustic and modern typeface looks amazing. And it’s all displayed in this brand board.

 Branding Tease Hair Salon Brand Board

Camellia Milk Tea on Behance

Check out this stunning concept design and see what new things you can learn. This is a small bit from a brand board that contains all the characteristics of the brand.

Camellia Milk Tea Brand Board

Amie Bakery

Here you have an excellent brand board that includes multiple items. See how the designer created these various products, with different shapes and uses, but in the same style.

Amie Bakery Brand Board

PilyQ Branding by Wallnut Studio on Behance

This is another example of a brand board that you can use as an inspiration to create your own. The things you learn will definitely be useful in the future.

PilyQ Branding Brand Board

Raspberry – Vegan, and Organic

Here are some various products from a patisserie that uses only vegan and organic products. This brand board showcases the unity between the design of all these elements.

Raspberry Brand Board

The Little Foxes

Here you have another stunning brand board design. Take a look at its features and use what you learn in your future brand boards.

The Little Foxes Brand Board

Little Yellow Leaf Brand Board

This is a wonderful brand board which has a fresh and eye-catching design. This includes colors, various designs, and other creative elements.

Little Yellow Leaf Brand Board

Pinegate Road Brand Board

This brand board includes many items that showcase the unity of this brand. The image below is only a section of the whole board.  Discover the rest!

Pinegate Road Brand Board

Brand Board

This is a beautifully designed brand board that displays various brand elements. See how the designer used various elements to create this design and use them in your own brand board, if appropriate.

Brand Board

Branding Addicts

This is a small section of a brand board that was created by a branding studio. Learn how to create brand boards that will help you improve your branding design.

Branding Addicts - Brand Board

Sophisticated Beauty: Va Va Voom Boudoir Logo Design – Saffron Avenue: Saffron Avenue

This is a stunning brand board that uses a well-thought placement of various items. All of them have the same style, are using similar colors, etc.

Sophisticated Beauty Brand Board

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