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Free Photoshop Tools for Web Designers

Photoshop is a versatile tool and designers still use it to create web page layouts. It is often preferred over ‘drag and drop’ builders as it lets you create and customize web pages just the way you imagined it. However, it can take designers a long time to create websites using this tool, especially when compared to other tools in the marketplace. We have gathered some free resources... »

Best Design Practices for Landing Pages

If you are a marketer, you probably already know the importance of landing pages. This dedicated stand-alone page guides users to perform a single action. If designed well can draw the visitor to click your call to action button and enter your marketing funnel. The main difference between a home page and a landing page is that landing pages are usually designed for a single purpose. Home pages are... »

How to Create a WordPress Site: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide 2019

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: creating a WordPress site is a challenging feat for a beginner. Where to start; what to do? Should you choose or, and what’s the difference between the two? How much does creating a WordPress site cost? Is it $50 bucks, $100 bucks or $10,000 bucks? You have no idea. But still, you yearn to create a WordPress site and that’s good.... »

Guide to Creating a Great Design Brief + Download Free Template

A great design brief is a roadmap that guides creatives in the right direction and ensures that deliverables are in sync with the project expectations. Having your goals and expectations clearly defined on a sheet will help you not only be on the same page as your client but will also let you form a structure for the project. A good design brief will contain everything you need to complete the pro... »

Branding Design – What You Need to Know Before Creating a Brand Identity

What is a brand identity? How do you create one? Why is it important? These are some topics we will be exploring in this article. Let us begin by finding out what a brand identity system is and how branding design can be used to influence and shape the perception of a user. Brand identity is a collection of all the representations of a brand — its logo, trademark, mascot, infographic, brand collat... »

11 Unsubscribe Page Best Practices and Examples

How do you build great relationships with your customers? Ideally you would want to get to know your subscribers so you can tailor emails specifically for them. But if your user finds themselves on this page, then there is a good chance that you didn’t spend enough time understanding their wants and pain points. People don’t really want to be bombarded with emails and information they don’t really... »

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 – New Features and Enhancements

Adobe Photoshop is now offering an amazing set of enhancements and new features with its new release. When you launch the software, you are met with a home screen that lists a set of tutorials and presets that will help guide you through each step of your design process. Other additional features include advanced content aware fill tool, frame tool for easy image making, new multiple undo modes an... »

Micro and Macro Typography in Web Design

Typography can be divided into two areas – macro and micro typography. The relevance of typography on a web page cannot be stressed enough. It is important to consider its nuances and use it in a way to enhance the overall readability and legibility of a web page. Before crafting a page, it is important to understand the difference between micro and macro typography. This will help the desig... »

UI vs UX Design: Side-by-Side Comparison

User experience design (UI design) quite simply stands for what it is – the whole experience of the user. It is a collection of interactions between the user and the company, its services, and products. In comparison, UX design measures or identifies the pain points of the user and uses this information to build a rough prototype to test these ideas from where the information is validated. U... »

A Systematic Guide to Building a UI Design System

Developing and maintaining a UI design library/system for your product will help the user intuitively navigate through your web page. This systematic approach to building an interface library will bring in a visual and functional consistency to the overall design. This, in essence, helps brand your UI/UX and creates a sense of trust for the user. In this article, we will be exploring how to develo... »

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