20 Pure Websites with Clean White Backgrounds

Whenever we start work designing a website one of the first things we always do is throw a bunch of colors and textures onto the canvas, but sometimes a design will benefit from the clean and crisp appearance of a pure white background.

This showcase rounds up 20 minimal website designs that prove that sometimes less is more. You may also want to check out ultra minimal website designs that emphasize key pieces of information, images, and more!


This white website design has a large slider on the homepage and a very simple and minimalist layout.

Valdama white websites

Ben Ashman

This is another simple, yet beautiful white website design with a clean layout and pixel-perfect photos.

Ben-Ashman white websites


This website has a clean, white background which focuses the visitors’ attention on the beautiful, large, wide photographs and sliders.

IARK white websites


Fashionly is a clean, white WordPress template that is perfect for blogs because of its special design that offers a comfortable reading experience.

Fashionly white websites


Manggis is a creative WordPress theme that you can use for portfolios or blogs. The photos look beautiful on the white background.

Manggis white websites


Friends of the Web

This website combines the benefits of white space and clean white backgrounds with some colorful flat color accents. Looks beautiful!

Friends of the Web white websites


Elegance is a clean and elegant WordPress blog theme perfect for various niches. This multipurpose theme will fit any blog due to its white, clean design.

 white websites designs


This Squarespace template has a minimalist, white design that offers a comfortable reading experience, which makes it perfect for blogs and online magazines.

Willow Squarespace Template white website design

Repetto Design Concept

This website design has a white color palette, with monochrome, light images and pink as an accent color.

Repetto Design Concept white website design


Caress is an elegant WordPress theme with a modern design and a predominantly white color palette. Use this template to quickly build professional websites.

Caress white website design

Andrew Revitt

Andrew Revitt is a freelance designer working in web, graphic, branding, UI and UX design. For his portfolio website, he chose a black and white, minimalist design.

Andrew Revitt white website design

Big Bite Creative

This website has a white background with green color accents for the most important elements, such as buttons and CTAs.

Big Bite Creative white website design

Electric Pulp

Electric Pulp is a digital agency focusing on Responsive Web Design, Web Development and Mobile eCommerce. They have a white website design with large fonts solid color elements.

Electric Pulp white website design

Helen & Hard

This website uses a very light gray shade as a background. It has a slightly retro theme due to some vintage-inspired details and a very clean layout.

 white website design

Yaron Schoen

Simple and straightforward, this are the main characteristics of this clean, white portfolio website of a human interface designer.

Yaron Schoen white website design


This is another example of an extremely minimalist website design that has only large text over a completely white background.

Frontpage white website design

Eric Paul Snowden

This website design combines light gray tones with pure white on the background. The images pop out nicely and are the main focus of the page.

ERIC SNOWDEN white website design


Daisho is a portfolio solution for creative professionals and companies looking for a minimal and professional look. They have a white presentation website with a few accent colors.

 white website design WordPress theme


Hanzell Vineyards

Here’s another vintage-themed website design with a modern touch and a clean white background.

 white website design

Trent Walton

This is the portfolio of a designer and web builder. It has a white, clean background and a wide layout for the content area and an overall minimalist style.

Trent Walton white website design

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