20 Incredibly Talented Illustrators You Should Follow

Check out this wonderful collection of 20 incredibly talented illustrators you should follow. Be prepared to be amazed by these professional illustrations with unique designs that will blow your mind!

Here you will find different types of illustrations that were created using several techniques such as digital coloring, drawings, watercolor, brush strokes, etc. These are very creative designs that were created for various purposes such as publishing, advertising, films, exhibitions, and more. You will definitely find something here that will get your attention.

These illustrations focus on hyper-realistic drawings, surreal designs, characters, fantasy, and more. Enjoy and start following your favorite illustrators for daily inspiration!

Kyle T Webster

Here is a talented illustrator who shows real mastery when it comes to color. His designs are very detailed and each has a meaningful story to be discovered.


Lynn Scurfield

Lyn Scurfield uses brush strokes with crazy colors and textures to create beautiful and unique designs. The result is complex illustrations that show a lot of creativity.


Alex Andreev

Alex Andreev is a very talented illustrator that pictures surreal designs with hyper-realistic components. Explore his creations for beautiful designs!


Buff Monster

Here is a collection of ice cream melting monster images. Take a look at this unusual but very creative illustrations!


Gel Jamlang

Take a look at these beautiful illustrations from Gel Jamlang. These artworks were created using various techniques and they have a high visual impact.


Kate O’Hara

Kate O’Hara is another talented illustrator that has extraordinary designs. These are inspired by nature, flowers, and yes, skulls.


Cindy Fröhlich

Here you can find unique illustrations that use rich colors and various techniques. Take a look at Cindy Fröhlich’s artwork and enjoy these beautiful designs.


Simon Prades

Simon Prades has wonderful designs that put your brain to the test. He juggles with lines, negative spaces in order to create elaborate illusions.

simon prades

Miss Felidae

Miss Felidae’s illustrations take you to an art nouveau period, with multiple colors, lines, symmetries, etc. Enjoy her artwork!


Matthew Taylor Wilson

Matthew Taylor Wilson is a professional illustrator that has numerous unique cartoon character designs. Browse through his gallery of projects and be inspired.


Camellie Illustration

This is another wonderful example of talented illustrator that creates beautiful artworks. She has lots of motion graphic designs to showcase. Take a look!


Max Temescu

Max Temescu is an illustrator that creates unique designs that often picture adults and dogs in various moments of tension.


Patrick Leger

Patrick Leger illustration has an old-fashioned charm which makes you think back to the classic period. Take a look at the world that this illustrator pictures through his designs.


Julian Callos

Julian Callos uses pastel technique to create dreamlike illustrations. He shows much creativity as he creates an unique character that fits perfectly each piece.


Nan Lawson

Nan Lawson is yet another talented illustrator that proves her mastery over watercolor designs by creating these beautiful character illustrations.


Alice X. Zhang

Alice X. Zhang is well known for her amazing portraits of various fictional characters. She uses explosion of colors to highlight parts of her design and the result is breathtaking.


Kevin Tong

Kevin Tong creates wonderful illustrations with the use of vibrant colors and complex details. He pictures a futuristic art with dark tones and well-known characters.


Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden is an illustrator that you definitely have to check out. He uses amazing techniques to create unique fairytale designs that tend to get dark.


Evan Yarbrough

Evan Yarbrough is a talented illustrator that has lots of impressive designs to showcase. Take a look at his gallery and start following him for more designs.


Abby Diamond

Abby Diamond creates beautiful illustrations using watercolors with a unique approach. Take a look and what designs she showcases on her website.


Do you have any other illustrators you’d like to add to the list?

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