20 Graphic Design Jobs Gone Terribly Wrong

Every designer wants their work to be perfect, but there are some situations when the designs may turn to be faulty, awkward, and ultimately funny. Mistakes can sometimes occur when you least expect them to.

Whether it’s a shape that you didn’t notice that looks weird, a font that creates an illusion and transmits a different message than it’s supposed to, or simply placing the design in the wrong environment, graphic design jobs can definitely go wrong! That is why you must check every aspect of your design before sending it to be published. Take a critical look, show your project to others, imagine how it will look on various promotional objects and make sure that your design doesn’t end up on our list next time around. These are just a few easy ways on how to prevent regrettable situations.

To make a point that double-checking your design is a MUST, here are 20 graphic design jobs gone wrong! These designs serve as proof for clients to realize that is better to hire professionals to get the job done, not amateurs!

Check out these design fails that will make your cringe! Some of these designs are incredible…

Something is wrong with that leg!


Don’t be happy, worry?


London or Condom?


These prove that the mistakes can occur in various situations, whether it’s from the concept phase, position of elements, Photoshop fails, the spacing between letters, wrong patterns, logo fails, faulty ad campaigns, awkward position on promotional objects, and more. That is why is extremely important to double check every aspect of your design. It is clear that whoever created these designs didn’t think things through. Be careful not to have things like this happen to you!

Pencils are supposed to be sharpened…


Brown kids are weird? A separator would have made a big difference!


It’s extremely important to double check every aspect of your design. It is clear that whoever created these designs didn’t think things through!

No Safety – Smoking first?


The ‘Most Forced Acronym’ Award Goes To…?


To prevent any possible design fails, you can take some precaution measures. It is better to prevent than to get your project published and then receive bad reviews. It is very important to check your creation from all angles. This helps you anticipate any design fails that may occur after making your project public.





Also, think about promotional objects that your designs may be printed on, and take into consideration every aspect to make sure that nothing can go wrong. Furthermore, check out that the typeface that you choose is perfect for your design and can’t be interpreted as something that it’s not. In this article, you can see some bad examples of not so inspired font choices that lead to destructive designs.

This is just dumb.


Take a right to…?


Anyone can make mistakes, but it the job of experienced designers to make sure and to double check that no error occurs in their designs and that everything goes smoothly from the designing process to the final phase. These images are the perfect example of what can happen when you get stressed and panic before a close deadline, you want a quick and cheap design that fits a tiny budget, or, sometimes, when clients take things in their own hands.

Disgusting color pattern.


Nose Job


These are considerable examples of why you should let the professionals handle the job (pun intended) and make sure to double check everything before your make it public. It is always better to prevent an error before it goes viral. This can also keep your reputation intact and saves you from any bad reviews.

Vote For Yves Lévesque Fail


How Is This Supposed To Work?


Arlington Pediatric Center


Be sure to take all the necessary precaution to make sure that your design is successful. Check your design from all angles, ask others what they think, be critical and precise, take action if you see something awkward. This will save you a lot of time and keep your name untainted. Think twice before publishing a project if you don’t want to be the subject of criticism and bad publicity.

Clinica Dental


Not too far from the truth


Learn from these mistakes and make sure that you don’t see yourself in this situation. Take all the necessary precautions to make sure that you will not be making regrettable design choices, just like the ones from this article. These examples should put a smile on your face and the thought to always double check your work in the back of your mind.

An Appropriate Jersey


The Poo Professor


Which one of these design fails made you laugh? Do you have any of your own to add?

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