20 Decorative Typefaces Worth Downloading

You can never have too many fonts in your collection! As a professional designer, you need to expand your design collection to include various graphic elements that can be used in your projects or as inspiration. High-quality freebies are hard to come by, therefore, when you find them, make sure to download and add them to your design collection.

This article focuses on decorative typefaces that have unique styles. Download and use these decorative typefaces to create stunning artworks. These eye-catching ornamental fonts have multiple uses and will definitely get your project noticed. You can use them for posters, greeting cards, brochures, wedding invitations, and more. They will look amazing in any type of project, whether it’s in print form or digital.

Browse through all of these decorative typefaces, select your favorites and use them to create beautiful graphics.

Morris Troy

This is a gorgeous ornamental typeface that you can use in various projects, for both printed and digital purposes.


Precious Font

This is an elegant font with beautifully rounded characters that will look amazing in your designs. This typeface has beautiful uppercase letters with unique styles.

Precious-Font-·-1001-Fonts decorative typefaces

Ginga Font

Here is a lovely typeface that you can use for various projects such as wedding invitations, cards, posters, and others. This ornamental font can be used for free for personal purposes.

Ginga_-Font-·-1001-Fonts Decorative Typefaces

Unchanged thoughts Font

This is a wonderful decorative font with a unique style that will definitely get your project noticed. You can use it for free for personal projects. For commercial uses, contact the designer.

unchanged-thoughts$-Font-·-1001-Fonts decorative typeface

VTKS Dear Love Font

This beautiful typeface can be used for free for personal purposes and has a license for commercial projects.This ornamental font has a stunning design with unique features.

VTKS-Dear-Love-Font-·-1001-Fonts Decorative Typefaces

Nemo Nightmares Font

This is another excellent decorative font with a wonderful design that you can use. This typeface is suitable for cartoon-style designs.

Nemo-Nightmares-Font-·-1001-Fonts decorative typeface

Extra Ornamental No2 Font

Here is an expressive typeface with an embossed ornamental design. This fancy font will look amazing in vintage posters, for example.


Vtks Mercearia Font

This typeface’s design demonstrates lots of creativity and uniqueness. Download it for free.


Vtks Sonho Font

This is another beautiful font that you can download and use for free for personal uses. You can use its hand written style for titles, cards, etc.


Vtks Focus Font

You can use this free typeface for various personal projects and also commercial works, but please check the license. This font has a grunge design with decorative curls.


KR Keltic One Font

This is a fancy decorative font with a bold design that you can use in digital or printed projects. This typeface contains Celtic-inspired elements that give it a unique character.


Lime Blossom Caps Font

You can use these highly decorative initials in many types of projects, such as books. This font was specifically created for uppercase letters.


Vlad Tepes II (Vlad’s Dad) Font

Download and use this blackletter typography for your current projects or save it for future ones. You can use it in both digital and printed projects.


Anglo Text Font

This is another wonderful ornamental font with a unique design that you can use for various projects. This typeface has a curly design with a sumptuous appearance.


Tulips Font

This is a unique typeface which uses, as the name states, tulips as ornamental elements for each character. See if this font is useful for your projects.


VTKS Summerland Font

You can use this font for free for personal uses, and for commercial if you check the license file. This decorative typeface has a fancy handwritten design.


Hawaiiah Font

This is a stunning typeface that was created using organic decorations. This font has a nice design and it is suitable for a large variety of projects.


Vtks alcalina Font

Here is another beautiful decorative font with outstanding features. This design has a strong bolded appearance with ornamental elements.


Ababil Script DEMO Font

This is the demo version of this stunning ornamental typeface. You can use this font for various projects with exceptional results.


Badinerie Font

Badinerie font is a lovely decorative typeface which includes uppercase, lowercase, and letters. This spacious font uses hearts and rounded edges to create ornaments.


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