20 Best Testimonial WordPress Plugins

Testimonials help to build up trust with potential future clients. They’re similar to reviews, so if people hear others compliment your products or services, they are more keen on choosing you. By having feedback from past customers showcased on your site you can convince hesitant customers and assure them they are making the right choice.

You can always add a testimonial to your WordPress website with the help of these testimonial WordPress plugins. These WordPress plugins contain shortcodes that you can use without having to write any code lines.

Adding a testimonial allows you to share feedback and show your value. Some of these testimonial WordPress plugins can support images, videos, various effects, social media, and more.

Browse through these 20 best testimonial WordPress plugins and choose your favorites. Use them to convert potential customers into loyal clients.

Easy Testimonials

This is a great WordPress plugin that you can download and customize very easy. You can add it to your website via a widget or as a shortcode.

Easy Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Testimonials by Aihrus

Here you have an amazing testimonials widget that includes various effects that will get the user’s attention. Download and use it to display previous reviews and testimonials from your customers.

Testimonials Widget WordPress Plugin

FP Testimonials

You can use this item to create and to display testimonials directly on your sidebar with the help of widgets.

FP Testimonials WordPress Plugin

IvyCat AJAX Testimonials

IvyCat allows you to insert testimonials into your WordPress dashboard navigation. You can add them via shortcodes, a built-in widget or a PHP snippet.

IvyCat AJAX Testimonials

Kudobuzz Testimonial Widget

This WordPress plugin lets you showcase past feedback that you’ve received for your products or services. These testimonials will be gathered throughout Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. all with the help of a neat widget.

Kudobuzz Testimonial Widget

Testimonial Basics

Here you have a neat WordPress testimonial plugin that you can download and use for free. This freebie includes a 5-star rating system, a built-in Captcha, avatar, and other neat features.

Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Handsome Testimonials

You can use this excellent testimonials plugin to display various testimonials that you’ve received on your past projects.

Handsome Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Testimonials Showcase

This is a beautiful WordPress testimonials plugin which has a fully customizable layout that includes a visual composer.

Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin

GS Testimonial Slider

Download and use this WordPress testimonials plugin in any of your websites to display client’s testimonials directly into your site.

GS Testimonial Slider

AB Testimonial Plugin

Here is another wonderful WordPress plugin that you can use to add a fully customizable testimonials section. This design includes various animations and styles to choose from.

AB Testimonial Plugin

Strong Testimonials

This is an excellent WordPress testimonials plugin that can be integrated into your website via shortcode or as a widget. You can categorize your selected testimonials, create a slide show, and other great features.

Strong Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Rich Reviews

You can display past reviews on your website with the help of this amazing WordPress plugin. Take a look and see what it has to offer.

Rich Reviews WordPress Plugin

Clean Testimonials

This WordPress plugin gives you the possibility to showcase various testimonials in a customizable manner, in the place that you want from your website.

Clean Testimonials WordPress Plugins

Testimonials for Cornerstone

This is a neat WordPress plugin that you can use to beautifully display testimonials from your customers.

Testimonials for Cornerstone

Visual Composer Testimonials

Here is another stunning visual composer which you can use to add testimonials to your WordPress website with the help of the Visual Composer plugin.

Visual Composer Testimonials

Testimonials Showcase for WordPress — Excited!

This is an excellent WordPress plugin which has an intuitive design. Also, it has a fully responsive design that looks stunning on any screen size.

Grid Testimonial WordPress Plugin

WordPress Smart Testimonial Carousel

You can use this WordPress plugin to add and to manage testimonials from previous customers directly into your website.

Wordpress Smart Testimonial Carousel

Tiva Testimonials Slider For WordPress

Download and use this premium WordPress plugin that is very easy to integrate into your sites. You can choose between lots of styles, with many neat features and fully responsive designs.

Tiva Testimonials Slider For WordPress

Testimonial Slider Multiple Layout Cool For Visual Composer

This is an amazing WordPress plugin which is fully compatible with Visual Composer. Use it on your website to showcase testimonials and reviews from your previous customers.

Testimonial Slider Multiple Layout

Advanced Testimonials – Testimony For WordPress as Carousel, Grid, Issotop

This is an excellent WordPress plugin which includes 8 amazing layouts that you can use to display testimonials. It also has a 100% responsive design, with various designs: grid, list, carousel, etc.

Testimonial WordPress Plugin

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