20 Best Free Photoshop Actions Designers Should Download

Photoshop actions are really useful and will definitely help you save time when editing and retouching photos. These come in handy for those monotonous situations when you are dealing with repetitive actions. You can use Photoshop to record specific steps for one of your images and then program it to apply them to the other photos. This is an automatic process that recreates the same steps for all your images. Therefore, they are real time-savers considering the fact that you don’t have to repeat everything all over again.

These best free Photoshop actions are useful for various situations, such as adding filters, creating black & white images or vintage effects, enhancing the colors, sharpening images, and more.

Moreover, all the Photoshop actions from this article can be downloaded and used for free. Some of them are individual actions while others contain a set of steps that, when used, can significantly improve your images.

Bold Black & White Photoshop Action

This is an Adobe Photoshop action which can be used to create black & white images from colored ones. This is very useful and it generates perfect images at all times.


Cold Nightmare

Here you have a wonderful Adobe Photoshop action that you can use to create this powerful effect, as shown in the demo.  You can download and use it for free for any of your projects.


Aged Black & White Action

This action contains a set of steps that will finally generate an aged, black & white effect. You can use it to recreate the feeling of older pictures.


Faded Cross Process Action

Experiment with this great Photoshop action and use it to improve the aspect of your pictures. This particular action adds a faded effect to your images, emphasizing whichever part you want.


Desert Dust Photoshop Actions

You can apply this outstanding glowing effect and create stunning artworks. Download this free action and use it to transform your images from ordinary to unique.


Old Film Photoshop Action

Here is an excellent Adobe Photoshop action which eases your work by automating some steps. This is a set of 16 actions that give the impression of an old film.


Matte Photoshop Action

You can download and use this amazing Photoshop action to automatically add a matte effect to any of the images you desire.


HDR Photoshop Action

Use this Photoshop action to give your images a perfect HDR effect. You can achieve stunning images without any hassle, simply by using this action.


Vintage Matte Action

Here is another wonderful Adobe Photoshop action which you can use to add a vintage effect to your images.


Silver Photoshop Action

This is a useful Photoshop action that transforms landscape images into stunning black & white artwork. Download this free item and see what it can do to your pictures.


Vintage Light Leak Action

This Photoshop action can be used to quickly add a vintage look to your photography. You can choose between 62 different actions that add light leaks to achieve this effect.


Vintage Pro

Here is another great Adobe Photoshop action that you can use to successfully create a vintage effect to any of the images that you want.


Sunset Photoshop Action

Download and use this stunning Adobe Photoshop action to improve your images and to create real artworks. This freebie allows you to create the feeling of sunset on your images.


Sunlight Actions

This is an amazing pack of 5 sunlight Photoshop actions that were created in CS6. You can use these freebies to quickly add a sunny effect.


Blue Evening

Use this Photoshop action to successfully add this blue effect to your images. The download package includes 10 actions that create dramatic images.


Pretty Lady Actions

This is a pack of 10 amazing Adobe Photoshop actions that you can use to prettify portraits. These actions are available in CS6 and are very easy to use.


Faded Film Photoshop Action

Use this free actions in Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher to quickly and effortlessly achieve this faded look to any image you want.


Retro Cross Photoshop Action

Download and use this Photoshop action to retouch your images and to add a lovely vintage effect to your photos. This is a beautiful freebie that will definitely come in handy.


Boldness Photoshop Action

This is another stunning Adobe Photoshop action that you can download and use for free with exceptional results.


Misty Blue Photoshop Actions

This action is responsive for adding this outstanding effect to any of the images you desire. You can save a lot of time by getting things done in an automated manner.


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