Hero Image Design Best Practices for Highest Conversions

A hero image is the main banner which is placed on a web page prominently, generally in the front and center. A banner image is always larger than other images present on the web page, and is generally above the fold, at the center of the page. Majority of the space is taken up by the Hero Image. The hero image can be an individual image (banner) or a carousel of images. Further, it can be either ... »

20 Examples of Bad Website Designs to Avoid

Websites are like our second home. A website works as your online image and is judged upon harshly by your users. This is the reason that making a great design for your website is very important. However, sometimes the websites really don’t look how they should, or how you originally envisioned them after they are coded from design into live sites. Following are 20 examples of bad website de... »

Web Designer vs Web Developer – Who Are You And Who Should You Be?

Things are not always what we think they are. This is the reason some of our assumptions are named as myths by our experts. The role of a web designer and a web developer always involves many such myths, which we are going to explore in this web designer and web developer comparison article. Being a web designer or web developer is the most demanding career as of now, as everybody is looking for a... »

14 Steps to Become a Successful Web Designer

Web designers are bliss to the world as they help everyone expand and enhance their business online. They are the architectures of our business, who construct each brick of our online website with their creativity and personal thoughts. However, in case you want to be one of them, you need to practice and follow the 14 steps below to succeed as a web designer. 1) PREPARE YOUR PORTFOLIO: A portfoli... »

20 Graphic Design Websites You Will Be Inspired From

Graphics designing has become the core of every industry from the past decade. The entire digital marketing concept is based on graphic designing. For every website we create, for every blog we post and for every Instagram post, we require graphics that speak for us. Top companies are identifying the needs of graphics and have started adopting them using the latest trends. Nowadays, the story is c... »

19 Modern Website Design Examples to Learn From

With many websites online today, you would think that the possibility of coming across a website that looks attractive, functions properly and contains useful elements is high, but the reality is different. Many websites are online today, but not all have the modern website design that you want to learn from or be inspired by. Such sites push boundaries to stand out in the market, and many organiz... »

7 Trending Cool Fonts for Your New Website

When visitors come to your website, they go through your text as it is the primary source of information. So while creating content, you should consider using innovative fonts that encourage people to stay and explore on your website. Fonts can also bring out the overall aesthetic value of your content. They make it easy for you to communicate with your users because certain fonts can decide the t... »

20 School Website Design Examples for Learning Institutions

Having a website for any business is very crucial for the online presence of the company. When it comes to having a school website, the site must be made in such a way that it can convince the visitors. Your website visitors will either be parents, students, or alumni. Your website is a digital asset for your school or institute, so make sure your website is user-friendly and provide aesthetic usa... »

15 Website Design Ideas to Create an Awesome Design

In this Digital era, having a website for your company or business is very common. But does your website have interactive and creative design? Does your website have those design elements that make your site engaging? Your site must consist of innovative, eye-catchy design elements that can make your site stand out, as it will help you bring more clients to your business. Many people don’t k... »

20 Perfect Attorney Web Design Examples for Lawyers & Law Firms

Making an attractive and user-friendly website is essential for any website, whether it’s an e-commerce website, a blog, or a law firm website. However, as a law firm website, your site design should be designed in such a manner that your users can use it with the utmost ease. A law firm must convey the right message to the users. A good law site has effective designs so that it sets it apar... »

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