How to use WordPress App on your iPhone, iPad, and Android (Guide)

Did you know that nearly half of all global website traffic originates from mobile devices? People are not just browsing the web on mobile, they are also creating content using mobile apps from platforms like WordPress, Facebook, and other media sites. Over the years, the WordPress mobile apps have seen significant improvements to help you easily publish content and manage your website using a mob... »

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins

Popups and opt-in forms can encourage your visitors to subscribe to your email list and help you in generating leads. If you want to grow your email subscribers, you must design visually appealing popup forms that are targeted to certain visitors. With the help of WordPress Popup Plugins, you can customize the popups to express your style. Here is the list of Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins. 1. Pop... »

How to Add Scroll Depth Tracking in WordPress with Google Analytics

Do you want to add scroll depth tracking on your WordPress website? Scroll depth tracking allows you to see how far a user scrolls on any page. This data helps you see if your visitors are actually reading your long posts and when they lose interest, so you can modify the content to keep them engaged. In this article, we will show you how to easily track user scrolling in WordPress using Google An... »

The Web Designer’s Role in Protecting Client Privacy

As a web designer or developer, you play a big role in protecting your clients as well as the people who will eventually use the website(s) you build. Yet, most web designers I talked to don’t feel like protecting their client’s privacy is part of their job. Most believe that their work revolves only around how the website looks and works, and not security and/or privacy concerns. Noth... »

10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

In this digital world, it is very important to showcase your talent and art on your website. As a graphic designer or a creative artist, you should opt for a portfolio WordPress theme to create a website. It helps you showcase your work in the best possible manner and gain attention of your target audience. Selecting a good portfolio WordPress theme allows you to easily showcase your work on your ... »

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation

Your wedding is one of the most beautiful moments of your life and obviously, you want to make it special. If you are searching for printing, designing and paper for your wedding invitation then you must be thinking about the typography as well. Typography in your wedding invitation can be just as important as the words and paper texture of your wedding invitation card. Fonts have the ability to a... »

Web Design, Development, UI & UX: Differences, Similarities & How to Get Them Right

Website Design, Website Development, UI, UX are terms used frequently when discussing websites. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, each of them have a specific meaning. It is important to understand the difference if you are in the process of or planning to get a website done. Let’s decode Web Design, Web Development, UI and UX. Web Design: Each and every element on the website,... »

10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes

Brick and mortar stores and cafes now also need a digital presence to attract customers and retain them. Along with a steady and engaging presence on social media platforms, cafes can also benefit from a website like other local businesses. You can use your cafe website to increase brand awareness, organize games, competitions etc. to draw more visitors to your website and store. Additionally, a w... »

12 Free eCommerce PSD Templates to Quickly Build an Impressive Online Store

The design of your website matters the most while starting an online store. For creating a great buying experience for your users online, it is necessary to use a design with good User Interface (UI). There are a lot of web designs available on the Internet that you can take inspiration from. If you plan on developing the online web store by yourself or with the help of a web developer, then it is... »

15 Awesome Tools & Resources for Web Designers and Agencies

People have been faced with keeping up with change forever. But change has seldom happened as rapidly as it is doing today. Especially, if we talk about the world of digital technology and digital design. The good thing is that tools and resources in both web design and business processes manage to keep pace.  But keeping pace with the new tools alone can still be quite challenging. If for no othe... »

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