10 Tips to Create the Best Website Style Guide

A website style guide is an important aspect when it comes to bringing coordination and collaboration amongst the team. A style guide acts as a directing tool which guides the developer, and with the help of the website style guide, designers choose the correct way of designing a website. Usually, when a team works on the same project considering the hierarchy and complex interaction, a style guid... »

10 Rules for Packaging Design That Will Make Your Product Stand Out

Packaging design is the thing that creates the first impression of a product. If the customer finds the product in a creative or exciting package, then they may be more inclined to purchase the product. As there are numerous products that come on the market frequently, it becomes necessary to keep up with the competition through the proper use of packaging design. One has to use more creative, con... »

20 Amazing Free Abstract Background Sets

It is a must for a graphic designer as well as for a web designer to have a good collection of abstract backgrounds. While designing, it is better to have the background selected first so that the designing process could start. The most critical yet difficult task is to choose the background that is attractive and elegant. While selecting a background, you must consider the color combination that ... »

11 Tips to Getting Your Magazine Cover Design Right

No form of media could replace a hard paper copy of a magazine. People have been especially fond of attractive cover designs. The cover is a significant factor in helping a buying decision. Due to this very reason, designers and publicists take special efforts in making sure the cover design is on point – digitally as well as print-wise. Making a creative magazine cover design might come off... »

10 Best Content Scheduling Tools for WordPress

When it comes to managing content, many elements in it need organizing. When larger projects come up or the number of projects increases, the need for content management becomes necessary. Sometimes, it becomes hard to keep a check on which content needs scheduling. We have a list of specific content scheduling tools for WordPress to get all your content managed well. Get your scheduling tools and... »

10 Design Awards Every Designer Should Know About

Designers have always worked towards creating something which surprises as well as delights the clients. The designer’s community is not well recognized, given our importance and significant accomplishments. Designers are the ones who push their boundaries and give their best creativity out there to create an experience and not just a design. Why won’t a designer love some recognition for such a r... »

18 Tips to Improve Website Design Legibility

We all know the importance of website content. Good content is a great marketing tool if it is well optimized, well written and thoroughly researched before writing. But, content is only useful if the reader can read it and the writer can send the point across, because at the end of the day, we write the content for the readers and not just the search engines and the bots.  It is important to have... »

Everything You Need to Know About Print Design

While it might be tricky to know what a specific graphic designer’s job is, it does not always end with using specialized software, and design principles to simply make an artwork, logo or digital content. There is much more to it than that. Though there is a constant spotlight on the digital work of a graphic designer, print media is equally important to do correctly. Given the liberty of d... »

10 Photoshop Glitch Effect Tutorial & Examples

In Photoshop, you can easily create a glitch effect for your images, posters, pictures and paintings. Designers opt for Photoshop when it comes to designing. Design professionals need to be aware of how to give a glitch effect to the images. If you are relatively new to Photoshop, you don’t have to worry about giving glitch effects to your images, as we will provide you with tutorials that w... »

10 App Design Trends to Follow This Year

The app design trends always keep on changing. The more attractive and vibrant colors the app design has, the trendier it gets. Recently, app designers are taking inspiration from old school designs and colors to connect with the users by bringing nostalgia. Users get attracted to new and trendier app designs, but they relate to those designs whose color palette and fonts remind them of the good o... »

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