How to Launch a New Website – Tips, Tricks and Insights

Launching a website can sometimes feel like a Herculean task.  There are so many different elements you would like to add.  Very often you have neither the time or resources to take a website to the level you truly desire. However, by incorporating the following basic steps into your site design, you will be able to launch your website without a struggle. Use Google Analytics Google analytics will... »

Tips and Best Practices to Reduce Abandoned Cart Issues

Statistics share that almost 59% of customers abandon their shopping carts.  This means that customers search the site, select items to purchase, place these items in a cart and then fail to check out. In a study by PayPal, researchers showed that 45% of customers had abandoned a purchase more than once. These carts usually held purchases of over $100.  And with customers finding it easy to compar... »

Should You Quit Your Job and Go Freelance?

Freelancing offers up the great opportunity to work flexible hours while following your passion.  The many internet success stories show that freelancing can be both liberating and psychologically rewarding. Goodbye having to create creative resume designs, hello freedom! However, building a freelance career is not without its anxieties.  As a freelancer, you will need to build your client base, p... »

How to Create an IDX Real Estate Website using WordPress

Do you want to create an IDX real estate website using WordPress? A real estate website requires specific features that are not normally available in ready-made websites, but don’t worry we got you covered. In this article, we will show you how to easily create an IDX real estate website using WordPress. What is IDX? IDX or Internet Data Exchange is a software standard used by realtors, brok... »

How to Protect Your WordPress Site from Brute Force Attacks (Step by Step)

Do you want to protect your WordPress site from brute force attacks? These attacks can slow down your website, make it inaccessible, and even crack your passwords to install malware on your website. In this article, we will show you how to protect your WordPress site from brute force attacks. What is a Brute Force Attack? Brute Force Attack is a hacking method which utilizes trial and error techni... »

20 Best Slab Serif Fonts You Should Use

Looking for some of the best slab serif fonts for both digital and printed projects? Here are some typefaces you should add to your collection. These slab serif fonts can be used for a varied array of projects, both modern and vintage. You will find bold slab serifs, round slab serif fonts, free slab serif fonts, geometric slab serif fonts, condensed slab serif fonts thin slab serif fonts and more... »

7 Mobile Landing Page Ideas That Your Visitors Will Love

Ever since Google announced mobile-first indexing, having a well-optimized mobile website has become a necessity. However, it makes perfect sense because global mobile traffic keeps increasing. Customers are getting more comfortable with buying goods and services via their phones. This change is particularly significant for local businesses and agencies. The growing importance of mobile interface ... »

Is it time to redesign your website?

A website is frequently referred to as a ‘shop window’ and that really is the perfect analogy. Think of the high street and a row of retail outlets, many of whom may be in the same sector and competing for identical business and you have an ideal comparison to selling in the online world. No shop would set up with a sparse display with no products on show nor would they clutter the window so that ... »

25 Best Serif Fonts You Should Start Using

Here are 25 best serif fonts you should start using! From the popular fonts used by the New Yor Times and New York Journal to the less known but equally beautiful fresh serif fonts new designers have released, this list will surely help you find a good serif font for your projects. These best serif fonts can be used for both web and print projects and some of them are even free to download! You wi... »

20 Best Furniture Themes for Online Businesses

Looking for some of the best furniture themes to start your online business? Here they are! We selected some of the best niche-specific WordPress themes for selling everything from furniture, decorative items, designer products and interior design services online. These furniture themes for WordPress have all the needed features to launch your online shop today. If you’re a furniture retaile... »

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