25 Creative Website Templates with Smart and Eye-Catching Designs

Today’s article is about creativity in web design. Whether you’re a photographer, a sketch artist, a DJ or a fashion blogger, we’re sure this list of 25 creative website templates will definitely help you better understand which kind of template is best for your website. Haar Haar is a WordPress theme with minimalist design best suited for any painters and designers. It’s e... »

How to Upload a HTML Page to WordPress without 404 Errors

Do you want to upload a HTML page to your WordPress site? Sometimes you may need to add a static HTML page and make it accessible along with your WordPress site. In this article, we will show you how to properly upload a HTML page to your WordPress site without causing 404 errors. Why Upload HTML Pages to WordPress? WordPress comes with a built-in content type to add pages to your website. Often W... »

20 Highly Legible Fonts You Should Start Using

Whether you have to design a website, create the cover of a magazine or build up a portfolio, you will have to choose a font to use at some point. As we are sure you all know, typography is a fundamental element of any creative and printed work and you have to pay extra attention to this aspect. Typography can have a tremendous impact on readers and has the ability to attract or push them away. In... »

25 Single Page Website Templates for Simple One Page Sites

The moment when you start a new business is extremely important. Among the many crucial decisions you have to take, one is related to your website. Your business must be present in the online environment, no matter what type of activity, right? Well, find out that it is extremely important to choose carefully when creating your company site.There are many web templates to choose from but which one... »

25 Free Dreamweaver Templates for Every Website

Whenever you find yourself in the need of a website you have to make many choices. What kind of site – one page, multiple page site, what kind of design, what kind of theme, and so on. And when you finally decide, another series of decisions come. About how you build the site: using a template – which kind of template or build it from scratch, presuming you’re a master with codin... »

25 Non-Profit WordPress Themes for Charitable Organizations

For a cost-effective and a perfectly functional and modern website, charity and nonprofit organizations can always use a WordPress theme. There is a wide variety of themes dedicated to NGOs and they have functions and plugins that are extremely useful. Below you will find a list of 25 non-profit WordPress themes for charitable organizations which we consider appropriate for any NGO or charity orga... »

How to Fix Custom Fields Not Showing in WordPress

Are you unable to find the custom fields option on your WordPress site? Custom field is an advance WordPress feature that helps you add custom content to your WordPress posts and pages by following various WordPress tutorials. In this article, we will show you how to easily fix custom fields not showing issue in WordPress. Fixing Custom Fields Not Showing Issue in WordPress Custom fields are typic... »

25 Artist Website Templates for Creatives

Today we’re going to present a list of 25 of the most interesting and inspirational artist website templates for anyone who is a photographer, graphic designer or an artist and needs a website to showcase the portfolio. Choosing the perfect template can be tricky and we know how important is to take a good decision. Below you will find some of the most interesting examples which can be used ... »

25 Best Free Website Templates For Launching Your Website Today

If you are interested in finding a nice template to create a website, then this article will surely help you find one or at least will give some ideas. Below, you can find a list of 25 free website templates for launching your website today, with easy customization and everything you need for a brand new site. While many website templates require a small fee, there are free templates for websites ... »

How to Convert WordPress Categories to Custom Taxonomies

Do you want to convert your WordPress categories into custom taxonomies? Categories are one of the two default taxonomies that help you sort your content. However, WordPress also allows you to create and use custom taxonomies. In this article, we will show you how to easily convert WordPress categories into custom taxonomies. Why and When Do You Need to Convert Categories to Custom Taxonomies Cate... »

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