10 Benefits of Using WordPress for your eCommerce Website

Speaking from personal experience, having just finished building my sixty-page WordPress e-commerce website and the ongoing global feedback from web designers and first-time users, the WordPress content management system is out on its own when it comes to user-friendliness. It enables you to build SEO optimized, adaptable and professional-looking websites with very little prior knowledge of design... »

Things NOT to Do While Choosing a WordPress Theme

Using WordPress to build your website for starting your blog or any digital presence for your online business is often the best choice you can make. WordPress is most used by people who want to start their work with fewer hassles, and who want to do it in the shortest period of time possible. You can have full control over your website with WordPress, and that makes it easier to work with. When yo... »

How to Create Typography Animation Using Photoshop

Designers have always used various ways to get the attention of the clients/audience, and Photoshop has immensely helped in this. Typography Animation is one of the best things to view and admire. It is a skill to create typography animation. We use typography animation to give a break to the standard and dull text. Typography animation gives variety and it’s a great way to seek attention in... »

20 Must Have Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

Adobe Photoshop is a must-have for web designers that helps designers create UI (user interface)/UX (user experience), icons, graphics, wireframes, and mockups. Photoshop design options and plugins have given the design platform a different experience overall and speedy accomplishment of tasks with varied options. Photoshop, along with the appropriate plugins, helps you get your desired result wit... »

Breadcrumbs Design 101

How often do we go to an unknown place and have this fear of getting lost? All we look for is for signs to help us navigate the surroundings. We’re looking for something that helps us get around the unknown territory. Some information that would help us reach the destination or at least will keep us informed about where we are. Well, that is precisely what breadcrumbs do for websites; in sim... »

Guide on Using People Photography to Improve UX

When given a choice of text and images to understand a certain point, many people choose images over text. Images have their way of capturing your attention and sometimes they give you thought or emotion which the text may be unable to do. You definitely have seen kids introduced to books which are more made up of images than text, as they find images more captivating. Though you may have been one... »

14 Best Websites in 2020 to Download Free Vector Art

What is the absolute, most prominent identity of an online business? Being in a generation that is highly dependent on infographics and icons, the simple answer to the above question is vector graphics. Mainly, vectors refer to the graphical illustrations, logos, icons as well as other digital representations that add an edge to your website and make it more interactive. These days, vector graphic... »

How to Create Cool Website Designs Without Sacrificing Usability

Let’s face it; any of us wants to have cool website designs that are going to get the attention of people. Combining the right design elements is crucial for the success of a website. If you ask all of your friends, at least half of them will say that the design of a site plays an important role in the credibility of a company. This means it also influences conversions, bounce rates, and mor... »

11 Types of Gradients for Creating Stunning Backgrounds

It is safe to say that color has the potential to make or break a design. While sometimes a plain black and white design might get too monotonous, the use of gradients comes into the picture. Essentially, a gradient is one color that fades or merges into another. This gives a light to dark, or multicolour effect. Positively, gradients are making a comeback, and this trend is already visible on man... »

25 Best Number Fonts for Displaying Numbers

Typography is one of the bases of the design process.  Generally, when people talk about typography, the first image that pops in anyone’s mind are letters. Typography isn’t limited to alphabets. Typography can also be for special characters and numbers. One of the most popular typography practices that has nothing to do with alphabets is display number typography.  Generally, people don’t realize... »

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