10 Habits of a Successful Front End Designer

A front end designer is responsible for creating and implementing all those visual elements that the users can see and interact within a web application. They are supported by back-end web developers who integrate the work of front end designers. Front-End Web Developer is a combination of design and programming as they are responsible for the translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to creating... »

Best Developer Tools and Services in 2019

Just what you’ve been waiting for; a one-stop resource for the best developer tools and services 2019 has to offer. Choosing which tools and services are needed and selecting the best that are currently on the market is always a challenge. There’s no shortage of tools and services out there, and every year more and more are added to the list. It’s hard to work at becoming more efficient if you’re ... »

8 Website Homepage Design Rules You Should Never Break

Homepages are the first thing a visitor sees when they come to your website. It makes or breaks the impression of your website. Every year companies spend thousands of dollars to design a space that isn’t even a square foot. This is because companies have found out that creating a great homepage generates more revenue than other e-commerce revenue measures. The homepage is the company’... »

Comparison Table Design: 7 Important Considerations

A feature comparison table is useful in decision making for customers. Comparison tables can add value to specific product features, explaining why the product is relevant to the customer and how it is better than others. Also, while putting the list of features together, you should include expert reviews, ratings, and customer reviews to provide complete information about the product. However, de... »

Essential Tools for Modern Graphic Designers

With the continued surge in use of technology, demand for graphic designers is constantly on the rise, and the job is constantly evolving. Customers become pickier, competitive stakes are heightened, and new, innovative tools reshape the profession. This is not to say that technology can make or break a graphic designer — ideas and execution will always be the most important aspects of the job, bu... »

15 Beautiful Dental Website Design Examples for Dentists

When you create a website according to your taste, you are missing the purpose of a website. You should not design your website according to your style. You should design a website that attracts your target audience that eventually books an appointment through your website or calls your office to do so. Especially for dentists, it is important to create a dental website design that is trustworthy,... »

Useful WordPress Tools and Services You Can’t Miss

You do professional-grade work, but you still look for ways to upgrade your workflow. We would like to help you do just that. There are more than 55,000 WP tools & services on the market. With that many, you’d think finding solutions to your everyday problems (or finding a tool/service that would make improving your game easier) would be a piece of cake. There is a problem, however. Plowing th... »

7 Tips to Get Website Content From Clients Seamlessly

Getting clients to provide website content to build their website can be challenging for web developers. Sometimes clients keep delaying these tasks for months because of two issues majorly- information problem and email problem. Information problems mainly happen when your clients are preoccupied with other tasks and don’t have the time to provide content. This is also a common problem because yo... »

15 Latest Font Pairing Trends to Make Your Design Stand Out

Pairing appropriate fonts is a great way to improve your design and introduce a little variety in it. You may want to pair 2 fonts when designing a wedding invitation card or setup fonts for a business card. It’s a challenge to figure out the right combination of fonts, though. So, first let’s look at how to pair fonts to match the latest trends. While working with pairing fonts, there are t... »

How to Get Your Typesetting Right

Typesetting is the art and process of placing and arranging text on a page, a document, or a book/novel. It might look simple, but if not done in the right way, it will be full of flaws in terms of its look and layout. In all, typesetting means visual communication. Typesetting or Typography is an art that takes years to master and a never-ending learning process. There are certain secrets to get ... »

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