25 Free Handwriting Fonts for your Designer Toolbox

People always ask what font I use to create my annotated code examples in my web design tutorials here on Line25, so I figured a roundup of the best hand-drawn fonts would prove quite handy. This post rounds up a range of free handwriting fonts based on various handwriting styles. If you’re in need of a font to add a human touch to your design in the form of a note or a personal message, you... »

Hand Drawn Typography: Web Design Trend Showcase

A website design is the last kind of project you would expect a designer to use pencils, pens & paintbrushes. Typically website designs are digital creations made from CSS code and web fonts, but designers still make use of handcrafted elements to add character to their designs. Using handwriting in website design isn’t something new since most designers produce their first sketches as p... »

Modular Grid Layouts: Tutorial + 20 Excellent Website Examples

Grids are normally seen as blocky layouts with strict rows and columns, but grids don’t always have to be so structured. Modular grids provide a balanced layout by dividing up your content into equal measures, but the ability to span multiple columns ensures the content appears interesting and dynamic. Modular grids are becoming increasingly popular in web design, often combined with images ... »

Leave Competitors in a Cloud of Dust With 280+ Pre-Built Websites in Your Toolbox

Finding new clients always involves some work. But if you go about it in the right way, it will become less of a challenge. You still must be a go-getter, and be able to showcase your skills. The pay you receive depends on it. One of the challenges you face is the competition. You can’t change that. It will always be there. What you can do, however, is change your own approach; to one that will le... »

Splash Screen Revival: Web Design Trend Showcase

Back in the day, splash screens were a popular addition to websites. They were a frontal page that was displayed before the user accessed the main site, which typically featured a sparse layout incorporating just the website’s logo and guidance about which browsers and monitor resolutions were supported. Today we’re seeing a revival of the splash screen, although they’re much mor... »

How to Disable the Search Feature in WordPress

Do you want to disable the search feature in WordPress? Sometimes your site may not need the search feature and the search form in your theme may interfere with user experience. In this article, we will show you how to easily disable the search feature in WordPress. Why and Who Should Disable Search Feature in WordPress? Many WordPress websites are simple business websites with a few pages. There ... »

Simbla Website Builder 2017 Updates | Dynamic Pages and eCommerce App

Now you can build even eCommerce websites with no coding knowledge, all with the help of Simbla online website builder! We’re pretty excited about the new updates – dynamic pages and eCommerce app, as they add so many awesome features to the builder making it even more powerful, so we decided to share our thoughts on them in this post.  In case you haven’t heard of Simbla by now,... »

22 Editorial Website Designs with Beautiful Layouts

Take a look at these editorial website designs with beautiful layouts and get all the inspiration you need for your future projects! We selected 22 editorial website designs, all belonging to different niches, but with some things in common. They all look good, have professional designs and interesting color palettes and graphics. If you don’t know how to design your future editorial website... »

How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store Using WordPress

Do you want to build an Amazon affiliate store using WordPress? An Amazon affiliate store allows you to sell products from as an affiliate and earn a commission. In this article, we will show you how to easily build an Amazon affiliate store using WordPress. Getting Started With Amazon Affiliate Store and WordPress Amazon is the largest online store in the world. They also have an affil... »

25 Creative Under Construction and Coming Soon Page Designs

Take a look at these 25 under construction and coming soon page designs and be inspired! These awesome under construction pages have some really interesting concepts, graphics and all of them are diverse, belonging to different types of niches. From under construction pages for portfolio, food & drink to even corporate websites, here you’ll find all the design inspiration you need. These... »

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