7 Best eCommerce Platforms and Shopping Carts

eCommerce is on the rise and people have started to have more and more confidence when buying stuff online. With online shopping trending, more and more businesses have noticed the importance of a strong online presence and an online shop to sell their products on. This is where eCommerce platforms and shopping cart solutions come in handy and dramatically reduce their setup costs. There is a wide... »

Wood Textures in Web Design: Showcase of 15 Websites

This post rounds up a showcase of web designs that are all helping make the wood texture cool again. Wood textures in web design aren’t anything new, actually, they were pretty trendy after the days of “web 2.0” until they kind of lost their coolness. Recently though, we’ve begun to see wood textures make a return in website designs and iPhone and iPad app interfaces. There... »

40+ Free iPhone 7 / 6S / 6 Mockups & Graphic Design Resources

We hand-picked some of the best mock-ups and 3D representations of Apple devices, and gathered them here in this list. This list of free iPhone graphic design resources is for all of you Apple lovers out there! These great iPhone design resources will help you create good presentations and showcase your app, web and UI designs in a photorealistic manner. You can quickly create a professional prese... »

25 Inspiring Examples of Ultra Minimal Web Design

Sometimes, less means a whole lot more! Get inspired by these ultra minimal web design examples and discover what makes them stand out. The latest web designs with loud colors, trendy headers, and stunning imagery are indeed attractive, but sometimes it’s nice to admire the everlasting style of minimalist design. The ultra minimal websites in this list focus on composition and typography to ... »

Showcase of 40 Insanely Detailed iOS Icon Designs

This post showcases some of the most detailed iOS icon designs on the web, with some even crossing into the realm of hyperrealism. For a designer, there’s no such thing as too many high-quality icons. Each has its purpose and can be used on certain projects. So, having a wide collection with different elements can definitely save you some time, by not having to look for one at that time. Thi... »

50 User-Friendly Website Designs That Work

We’ve rounded up a massive collection of 50 user-friendly website designs to inspire you. These user-friendly website designs are gathered from various niches, from popular websites such as National Geographic, Marni or The Winter Olympic Games, to website concepts or small web design projects we found featured on Behance. All web designers should create their websites with usability in mind... »

10 Best WP Themes for Startups and Small Businesses

Are you the owner of a small business or startup? If the answer is yes, you might know how important it is to have an intuitive website. The truth is – one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote the enterprise’s brand is through a website. It must feature quality content and functionality. With this kind of website, you will be able to attract and engage visitors in a breeze. Some... »

20 Great Examples of the Flat Trend in Web Design

The flat trend in web design has recently gained a lot of popularity and we started noticing lots of website and interface designs springing up with this design style. Flat design is a label the community has adopted for designs leaving behind drop shadows, subtle textures, and gradients in favor of solid colors, clean layouts and sharp typography, somewhat similar to the design of Windows 8 and t... »

25 Examples of Super Wide Website Designs

As monitor resolutions become larger, websites tend to become wider. This showcase features 25 awesome website designs over 1000px in width. Many of these super wide website designs are built as responsive layouts, which allows the designer to accommodate even the largest of screen sizes with the max-width property without chopping off elements on smaller resolutions. Want more similar website des... »

How to Create a Client Dashboard in WordPress

Do you want to create a client dashboard in WordPress? A custom dashboard in WordPress can help your clients with resources and shortcuts they need to get started. In this article, we will show you how to create a client dashboard in WordPress without writing any code or affecting client’s ability to update their websites. Why Create a Client Dashboard in WordPress? As WordPress solutions pr... »

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