25 Church Website Templates for Religious Websites

One of the most important goals of a Church is to spread its message clearly and thoroughly, not only in the sacred space but in the online world, too! We know this is hard and finding the perfect website for your church or religious website might be even harder, so let’s make a list of the most important aspects a successful religious website should have. Even if we’re talking about a... »

10 Best WordPress Themes for 2018

Some time ago, a business could be a success if its website was attractive and engaging. That’s no longer the case. Attractiveness is still important, and content is still king. Such things as front-page hero images and well-structured layouts still matter. What’s different, is the advent of mobile devices. In fact, more than half of today’s online shoppers use these devices. If a shopper visits a... »

25 Best Squarespace Templates For All Website Niches

If you’re tired of the classic WordPress themes, then maybe a Squarespace template is the perfect choice for you and your ideas. Squarespace is an amazing platform that comes with tons of modern, carefully designed themes that will make your life easier. The hardest part of your journey will be to pick the perfect theme for you and your ideas. After that, showcasing and changing your templat... »

Website Readability Guide: Make Your Website Reader-Friendly

A lot of online ventures offer a really terrible website readability. Considering that almost everything about a website is communicated in text, this is a terrible situation. These difficult to read websites have followed a bad design model. Digital publications need to be able to compete with printed ones in terms of readability. After all, a website can be instantaneously delivered or accessed ... »

20 Free Thin Fonts for Elegant Designs

If you need free thin fonts for elegant designs, you’re in the right place! These fonts have lightweight designs and will look beautiful on different kinds of projects, from modern to retro. These thin fonts will display beautifully on wedding invitations, posters, cards, illustrations, logos, and more. Browse through all these free thin fonts and see which ones fit your style. All these fon... »

10 Best Free Volusion Templates for eCommerce Websites

Volusion is an online platform that was created by a team of Austin-based eCommerce experts. Its main purpose is to help you create and develop an online shop. Volusion is a great option that can help you create beautiful websites, sell your products better and faster by using their powerful tools, and grow your audience in order to reach more customers. A team of experienced people can help you e... »

How to Become a Mobile App Designer and Developer

Want to be a mobile app designer or developer? Let’s start from the beginning with what you need to do to reach your dream job. The importance of mobile devices nowadays can be easily compared to the importance of wallets and handbags. Therefore, mobile usage is subject to constant development and providing new technology every month. Becoming a mobile app designer is certainly a smart profe... »

30 Awesome Free Retro Badges You Can Download

Badges can be used in many types of designs, from website designs to logos, prints and even in apps. Today, we selected 30 awesome free retro badges you can download with just a few clicks. These retro badges come in different shapes and sizes and are either colored or monochrome. All of these free retro badges can be downloaded as editable AI or PSD files and can be easily customized to fit your ... »

25 Personal Website Templates to Create Your HTML Website

In order to find the best HTML website templates, people usually waste a lot of precious time. There are tons of options out there but how can you know which ones work best or which ones will be perfect for your purpose? Especially if you’re looking to create a personal portfolio or resume, full responsiveness and a great, modern design are key elements that you need to take into account. Bu... »

25 Simple Website Templates with Clean Designs

When designing a website, one of the things you can search for are those templates that combine the most useful and powerful HTML5 technologies with the cleanest and simple designs! Those are the most effective and fail-proof websites you can think of and we strongly recommend those kinds of themes for your first websites or for upgrading your older one as well. In this article, you can find 25 of... »

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