20 Eye-Catching SVG Animations for All Projects

SVG animations can be found more and more frequently on websites, in the form of SVG icons with beautiful motion effects. They have the role of adding interactivity, while also not making the website load slower. Here are 20 eye-catching SVG animations for your inspiration, that will help you make your websites stand out and keep your users engaged. In this article, you’ll find various SVG i... »

Is Invoicing and Time Tracking a Hassle? Check Out These Top 10 Apps

Time tracking and sending invoices are two essential business management practices; yet both activities take time away from your regular work. Web professionals, especially those starting new freelancing careers, often struggle with these activities, because they have not been schooled in business management techniques. Even small business owners find that task management, billing, submitting quot... »

20 Best Paid and Free UX Courses You’ll Love

Are you looking for new and improved ways to increase customer engagement, increase your web conversion rates, and have an overall more effective website? Then this is the perfect article for you! We’ve rounded up a useful collection of 20 best paid and free UX courses that will teach you all about user experience.  These UX courses are perfect for students of all levels, as they include var... »

The Funtastic June Bundle – 44 fonts & 50 graphic packs with fun & festive designs!

We discovered an awesome graphic design offer we had to share with you! The Funtastic June Bundle by The Hungry JPEG features fun & festive design packs and fonts to get you ready for summer! This huge pack comes with 44 fonts & 50 graphic packs at an incredible price! The pack costs just $29 and if you simply tweet the page, a 10% discount will be applied to your purchase. This bundle com... »

20 Best Resources for Starting a Blog

If you’re thinking about creating a blog and turn it into a profitable business to start making money, then this is the article you’ve been looking for! We’ve rounded up a selection of 20 best resources for starting a blog. You’ll find handy tools for bloggers that will help you write great content, promote your posts, extend a blog’s functionalities, and more. These ... »

20 Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Greater Online Exposure

Instagram can be used as an amazing tool to grow your audience, showcase your graphic and web design projects and attract new customers to your business. To help you out, we searched the web for some of the best Instagram marketing tips for greater online exposure.  Instagram can significantly improve your business. It’s important to know how to promote yourself to gain the trust of other pr... »

Need Some Help in Finding Just the Right Font?

Access to a vast array of readily available fonts is nice to have. But, conducting a manual search to find just the right one to fill a specific need can be time consuming. If you’re busy designing websites, you probably have plenty of other things to do. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy tool to help you identify fonts? There is such a tool; and it’s there for the asking. Imagine you’ve spotted... »

20 Beautiful Media Kit Designs for Bloggers and Website Owners

If you want to transform your website or blog into a money-making machine, then these media kit design examples will help you do just that!  Media kits or press kits have the role of showing your website’s stats and services to brands and PR agencies, in a professional manner. These media kit design examples, we gathered in the list below, are professionally made, have customizable features ... »

Brand Boards: 20 Inspiring Design Examples

Behind every thriving business stands a brand design that’s easy to remember. Brand boards are very useful to keep you focused on the image you want to build for a company and maintain the unity of the brand. Brand boards are particularly useful for showcasing your branding design to your client. A brand board gathers all the branding elements in once place, such as logo, business card desig... »

Squarespace Design | 20 Articles and Guides You MUST Read

This article gathers many useful resources related to Squarespace design. These 20 handpicked articles will teach you how to start using Squarespace as a design platform for your clients, plus some tips and tricks to improve your Squarespace experience. By reading the articles below, you’ll learn how to build a website from scratch, how to properly use Squarespace blocks, build a faux sideba... »

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